Cogshift Studios
The Company's Logo, ft. Klink
Type of Company Game Development
Founder(s) TechBreloom (tbc)
Founded at/in April 4, 2015
Area(s) Served Worldwide
Owner(s) TechBreloom (tbc)
Predecessor Hammer Egg House, Inc.
Subsidiaries Project HEH2016
Cogshift Studios is a fan game company founded and run by TechBreloom (tbc). Started in 2015, it has developed all games created by TechBreloom since such year.


Upon TechBreloom's reformation and official return to Fantendo, his past works were put behind and all older projects cancelled, therefore deeming his company Hammer Egg House, Inc. out of business. However, upon beginning to contribute to the site again, he formed Cogshift Studios. The company now primarily develops all of TechBreloom's games, generally in collaboration with Nintendo. Its games were primarily designed for Nintendo systems until the release of the X Cogshift in late 2015, which became the company's main platform of development, and after the X Cogshift was discontinued towards the end of 2018, Cogshift Studios made the move to developing games for Valve's PC gaming platform, Steam.


Cogshift Studios is not currently hiring other employees.



  • Digon Village - a sandbox/RPG-adventure game set in a fantasy world in which a play controls a Digon that has reached the age of adventure.








  • Galactiquake - indirect sequel to Ice Age featuring similar gameplay and the like. The game is centered around an unnamed hero leading his race to safety as a universally radiant seismic wave begins to break open nearby planets and cause chaos with the energy released.






  • AptaNova - 5.1" Android smartphone based upon a comfortable design and durability and portability for active use.
  • GigaNova - 5.9" Android smartphone/phablet containing high-end specifications.
  • VolvaNova - concept device based upon an incredibly sensitive gyroscope that will allow the display to rotate so it is directly portrait to the user.

Conventional Presentations

None as of yet.

Other Contributions

None as of yet.

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