You deserve many good things in life, Zodiez. [chuckles a little to herself as she moves towards the door] Is there anything else you need? Do you need... food? Water? Television? ...A massage?
Coffina, Shadows of Mallory, Chapter 12: Intertwined Forever

Current Age 62
Date of Birth Jun. 30
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Unknown
Align Neutral
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Enchanted Coffin
Vulnerable To Fire
Height 5'01"
First Appearance Unknown

Coffina is a vagabond that travels around the Zaxinian Lifts, never particularly staying in one place. She is a silent lady who began following Rome after having taken interest into where they go. She is a horror-obsessed nut that likes to hang about lazily and communicate with what many others would consider creepy or uncomfortable to be around.


Coffina is a meek, silent woman that can be a kind of a klutz, which can prevent her from communicating well with teammates. She is, however, very determined and isn't afraid of anything, taking great joy to what most people would normally fear, such as spiders. Coffina however has the problem of being extremely attached to the people who likes, and will follow them around regardless of who they are, especially if it's the leader of a gang. When it comes to fighting, Coffina is weak and often holds back, not wanting to hurt someone, but if they detect her being harmed, her tentacles take action for her.


Coffina is a user of magic, capable of sprouting mummy tape from her body and strangling enemies with it, or grabbing items from a very long distance away. She can also use pyrokinesis to her advantage, although fears hurting her tentacle friends, so she hardly uses it. Coffina tends to not really fight and often backs away, especially since her fighting style is more about her being patient and how it doesn't really cooperate with most people she meets. Despite not being a great fighter, she can sprout coffee from her hands.

Relationships with Other Characters


While her tentacles aren't necessarily named Sangie, Coffina has named them that after she took over their coffin. She befriended them via giving them food that they've needed after much malnutrition, and allowed her to take their coffin with her wherever she goes. Sangie and Coffina aren't romantically or sexually interested in one another, but often give hugs or snuggle with each other before resting.



  • Like with Rome, Coffina's name originated from the Adventures of White wiki but the two are very far from being the same person. While the original Coffina was shy, great at making coffee, and was very into romance, the new one is more of a stalker, is very brave and daring, and just likes to sit around and do things relating to horror.

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