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Codename: Hourglass is a TV show produced by Taylor (tbc). It acts as a revival of two old projects: Out of Time and Resurge. While the majority of season one is focused on a sole objective, later episodes are said to be more character-driven. A number of different arcs - though the exact number has yet to be confirmed - following unique, separated characters are said to be going on at once. They have been stated to be stand-alone from each other, but tie into other arcs heavily, and eventually lead into something bigger.




Main Cast

Character Description Debut
Chloe Ahern An agent of Hourglass from the distant future where humanity was near wiped out. To prevent this, a small team of specialised agents were sent back in time to find the source of the potential disaster. An anomaly caused the group to be separated across the globe, though all in the same year. The same anomaly gave Chloe the ability to sense the past of an object or person, an ability which she isn’t too fond of using. 001
Out of Time
Amy Lane From what we have seen, Amy is a definite optimist. Even when taking down a criminal to save Chloe's life, she remained cheery. She also appears to be a skilled agent and obviously has some sort of connection with the Director. 001
Out of Time
Catastrophe Catastrophe is one of 5 mutants, being the driving force in their storyline. She has a strong disapproval of what is being done to them, but plays along regardless, for reasons unknown. She can be very blunt, but cares deeply for her friends - especially Gail. Catastrophe has excelling intelligence and athleticism. 002
White Coats
Gail Gail is a mute mutant, a muteant! She's very fragile and childlike, but the crew love her nonetheless. She is very attached to her cloud-patterned blanket, which she is constantly dozing off in. She looks up to Catastrophe as a sister, Frostbite as a mother figure and Scarlet and Arsyn as wacky relatives. Gail has been shown to be able to turn back the clock after death. 002
White Coats
Frostbyte Frostbite acts as a mother figure to the rest of the mutants. She's calm, level-headed and cool in a crisis. It makes sense, considering she has control over ice and whatnot. Her lifeline being connected to Arsyn is far from a good thing, considering how often they fight. 002
White Coats
Arsyn Arsyn is yet another mutant, dubbed Subject Number 3 by the scientists. Arsyn has control over heat, opposite to Frostbite's power, with whom her life is connected to. It doesn't help that their lives are connected, because they're constantly grappling at each other's throats. Arsyn is, in Catastrophe's words, 'a hotheaded jerk'. 002
White Coats
Scarlet Scarlet is the final mutant in our main mutant cast, dubbed Subject Number 4. She tends to stay away from the others for the most part, but can never resist the chance to make a sarcastic comment. She suffers from constant migraines and carries mysterious scars along her body. 002
White Coats
Thomas Reyes Yet to be confirmed 003
Against the World
Emma Reyes Yet to be confirmed 003
Against the World

Supporting Cast

Character Description Debut
Andrea Griffin Andrea is a skilled engineer, who got lost in time when the group went back to the past. She is a sassy character and overall great friend to Chloe. 001
Out of Time
Ronny Fitz Ronny is an ex-military soldier, who got lost in time when the group went back to the past. He is very serious when it comes to training or the likes, but can take a joke every now and then. 001
Out of Time
Colin Roche Colin is a renowned psychologist, who got lost in time when the group went back to the past. He comes off as a jerk who refuses to take anything seriously. That, or he's analysing his team's every move. Between his inability to stay serious and his drinking problem, he may need to diagnose himself. 001
Out of Time
Jack Coleman Jack is a historian, who got lost in time when the group went back to the past. He can't take a joke, which isn't the best position to be in, considering his team. Despite his pacifist nature, he is extremely knowledgeable on warfare. 001
Out of Time
Director Keane Director Beatrice Keane is the be-all and end-all when it comes to all things Hourglass. She helps out with the training of rookies a lot, though she isn't the most approachable. 001
Out of Time
Agent Towner Very little is known of Agent Towner, though we know he has been working on capturing a duo named Thomas and Emma Reyes for quite some time, under the director's orders. 002
White Coats


Season 1

Season 1 follows mainly Agent Ahern's attempts to prevent the nuclear war that tore her future apart.

No. Name Synopsis
001 Out of Time Agent Chloe Ahern of Hourglass is sent back in time to stop a global disaster. Things won’t be as easy as they sound, when she is kidnapped upon arrival by a shady gang.
002 White Coats Catastrophe, Gail, Scarlet, Frostbyte and Arsyn are a group of mutants with special powers. When Catastrophe notices a countdown above Gail's head, she's determined to find out the cause, no matter what.
003 Against the World Emma and Thomas Reyes are thieves who have lived on their own for years. For the first time ever, they’re taken in by the authorities and must join forces with a mysterious new accomplice to escape.
004 Down to Business To be confirmed
005 Hunt or be Hunted To be confirmed
006 Bonds To be confirmed
007 Random Access Memories To be confirmed

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