This is the official announcement page for the upcoming game Code Break

There will be announcements on this page like I previously mentioned, old and new. When a new thing has been in the "New!" section for a month, it will be transferred to the "Old" section. Also, please ask questions about this game because I'd really like to inform as much as possible... of course not too much though. Feel free to comment on the new stuff though, nobody is forcing you to ask questions I just highly encourage it.


  • Code Break revealed to have 4 modes as of current this includes:

~Race of the Virus - Race to put a virus on opponents computer, while protecting your identity and computer at the same time

~Delete the Files - Delete opponents files, protect your files, simple as that. Difference is you cannot protect your identity in this mode making it very simple to hack.

~UCNTB33T! - A fun game mode with a story which is impossible to beat without glitching the game and going into the files. There is a multiplayer speedrun version of this as well.

~SP33DRUN - Same as above except you race in different courses to beat them. 

  • Game is to be on Linux, Mac, Windows. A Tablet version is being considered as of current.
  • A new mode has been revealed:

~Capture the Identity - You must capture the opponents identity and reveal it to the web (resulting in taxi orders going towards you, pizza deliveries, and also a game over). You must do this while protecting your own.


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