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Full Name Code
Gender None
Current Status Alive?
Class Villain
Main Weapon(s) Data Copying
Ability/ies Data Conversion, Shape Shifting
Latest Appearance Shroomy: The Game

Code is a computer virus, and the main villain of Shroomy: The Game.


Code seems to be a cold and calculating individual, but it is unknown how intelligent it is, or even if it is self-aware. It has a never-ending hirst for computer code, which it asorbs into it's being, causing it to grow more powerful.

Physical Appearence

Code's normal appearence is that of a white silluette of a human being. It lacks any distict features, including fingers, toes, and such. Its face appears blank, with no traces of facial features. It stand about 5 1/2 tall.


Code has the ability to convert physical matter into data, and then either absorb it or alter it. It can convert itself into data as well and enter a computer system. It can copy any object's data, whether it is living or inanimate, and then transform into whatever it is it has copied.

Game Appearences

Shroomy: The Game

Code is the main villain of the game. he is accidentally created when Shroomy is messing with the code of one of Black Diamond's games. He then enters the CATEGORIES building and starts to devour the data.

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