Coconuts (Skip and Sqak)
Coconuts the Rat
Coconuts, X2's servant
Current Age 13
Gender Male
Species Rat
Location Planet Xoon
Current Status Active
Class Antagonist
Servant, member of the SSSSS
Family and Relations
Professor X2 (his boss)

The SSFF (enemies)

First Appearance Skip and Sqak 2 (1996)
Coconuts is one of the villains introduced in Skip and Sqak 2. He is a black rat who usually gets punished a lot by Professor X2. He is forced to clean up things rather than destroying the SSFF.

Skip and Sqak 2

Coconuts was angry at X2 for not introducing him on the Red Ant Meeting, instead he has to do "Bathroom Duty". He vows himself to capture Skip and Sqak before the other SSSSS does. Later, when the SSFF saw a hotdog stand a hungry Croco wants to order, but the guy turns to be Coconuts and the Stand is actually an Ant Hornet Ceterian. Coconuts tries to destroy the team with the Hornet but they destroyed it.

Later, Cocouts begs X2 to trap the SSFF in an ambush down in the Tomb Of The Pasikus. X2 lets him, but warns him not to fail. Down in the Tomb, Coconuts attacks the team in a Tarantula Tank, which is invulnerable to to the any of the gang's attacks but they destroyed it with the bombs it spits out. Soon, X2 finds an outcold Coconuts on top of the Tarantula Debris and demotes Coconuts to Toilet Cleaner.

When X2 orders Coconuts to go back to Xoon, Coconuts secretly has a plan to get rid of the SSFF once and for all and get promoted. When the gang go to the Red Ant Nest, Coconuts fights in a Scorpian Ceterian but gets defeated for the third time. Soon, Coconuts and his Team get arrested and put in the Red Ant Prison.

At Prison, Coconuts has Litter Duty by the guards, and has to do double for sleeping on the job after getting knocked out by a rock beetle, which he mistook as garbage.