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Coconut Mall
Current Inhabitant(s)
Piantas, Miis, Nokis, Tanooki

Coconut Mall is a racecourse in Mario Kart Wii. The Mall is on Delfino Isle (you can tell by "Coconut" being the first word).Coconut Mall has appeared in other games too.



  • In beta versions, it was called Delfino's Mall.
  • Among the things to buy to eat are Mushrooms (Red and Green), Fire Flowers, Bananas, and Starmen.
  • The Publicity Posters are filled with player's Miis.
  • One of the shops Coco Burger has spurred it's own game Coco Burger
  • In Coconut Mall Party, the mall has gone through a huge expansion and that is where the whole game takes place.

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