Cobby the Python, flying up in the air.
Full Name Cobby K. Pythorn
Current Age 14
Date of Birth January 8th, 2001
Gender Male
Species Rattlesnake
Location The Swamplands
Height 5,3
Weight 93
Voice Actor(s)
Terrell Ransom Jr.
First Appearance Flip The Frog
Latest Appearance Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered
Cobby is a snake from the game, Flip The Frog. He is the best friend to Flip, friend to Francine, and rival to Da Chimps. He is a python that can strech to make platforms for Flip and his friends to cross, along with Flip's adoptive brother and best friend.


He is a lime-green python with baby-like eyes. He has a blue rattle at the end of his tail, and he wears a blue and black propeller cap on his head. He has small cute fangs, and he has an adorable smile.


He can stretch across impossible-to-jump ledges for Flip and his friends to cross over. He can hypnotize his enemies with his rattle, and he can glide like Flip and Francine with his cap.


  • While Flip has been confirmed to be bisexual, Cobby has confirmed that he's straight.
  • Cobby has been confirmed to be an expert at paintball. It is unknown how he does it, though, as he has no arms.
  • Cobby is bad at driving for obvious reasons.