Coalcub (Japanese: Pyroger) is a Fire type Pokémon introduced in Generation VI. Its species is the BABY TIGER (FIRE TIGER in Japanese) Pokémon. It is an orange-yellow tiger like Pokémon, with a skull on its head, lots of stripes on its body and a very long tail with a flame at the end of the tail. Many people thought that it is a cousin of Shinx because of its lion/tiger cub appearance. Along with Vixleaf and Africpo, Coalcub is one of the starter Pokémon of the Lukovua region, able to be chosen at the beginning of Pokémon Sun, Moon and Starlight Versions.


Height: 1'40"/0.8m

Weight: 17.4 lbs/7.9 kg

Special abilites: Coalcub can breathe fire out of their mouths. They fight with their sharp claws.

Behaviour: Coalcub live solidtary and find its own food. They are also very shy and timid, since they run away from humans. Be careful not to upset them, they might get angry very easily or attack anyone to protect themselves.

Pokédex Entries

Sun: It is very timid and shy in nature. They live in forests and eat meat.

Moon: Be careful not to upset them, they might get angry or attack anyone.


Scratch: Start

Leer: Start

Ember: LV 8

Bite: LV 12

Fire Fang: LV 15

Lava Plume: LV 19

Flame Charge: LV 21

Flame Burst: LV 27

Flamethrower: LV 28

Heat Stamp: LV 30

Roar: LV 34

Fire Jet: LV 39

Pyro Blast: LV 42

Smoke Blast: LV 48

Eruption: LV 55

Inferno: LV 58

Fire Blast: LV 60

By TMs/HMs

TM01 Hone Claws

TM02 Dragon Claw

TM04 Metal Slash

TM05 Roar

TM06 Toxic

TM12 Taunt

TM21 Frustration

TM27 Return

TM35 Flamethrower

TM38 Fire Blast

TM40 Aerial Ace

TM44 Rest

TM45 Attract

TM48 Round

TM50 Overheat

TM51 Smoke Blast

TM54 False Swipe

TM56 Dark Claw

TM59 Incinerate

TM65 Shadow Claw

TM67 Retialite

TM81 X-Scissor

TM93 Wild Charge

TM96 Brave Claw

TM98 Blaze Soul

HM01 Cut

HM06 Dig

In the anime

A Trainer name Irene owned a Coalcub which she obtained it from Professor Maple's lab. In Episode 13, it eventually evolved into Lavadator somehow after she met Ash and co. for the second time. In Episode 99, it evolved into Blastcano after Ash and Irene were attacked by Ghetsis's rampaging Hydreigon. This Blastcano appeared again in Episode 126, where it went on a violent and uncontrollable rampage because it has a splinter on its foot. It calmed down after the splinter was removed.

Ash got a Coalcub as an egg given by the Pokémon Farm in Pocket Monsters! Dreams of Light! Episode 4. It hatched in Episode 9 when Ash and his friends are on their way to the second gym. In Episode 78, it started to wander around when Ash and co. is resting. Suddenly, Team Plasma attacked it with their Pokémon, when Ash saw it, it was already caught by Team Plasma, and later evolved into Lavadator to defeat Team Plasma. In Episode 159, it evolved into Blastcano while battling Bridget for the fourth time.

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

Moon has a Blastcano (nicknamed Blazeko) where she got it as a Coalcub in order to stop Team Plasma's scheme. Before she was obtained, she was told by Professor Maple to bring her guests some tea, but it accidently tripped, and spilled the tea on both of the Africpos, which enrages one of them. Blasto tries to apologize them, but one of the Africpo angrily beat both Blasto and Blazeko up, only to be stopped by two Vixleafs. It evolved into Poisdator during the battle in the third gym and Sludgecano while battling Colress. Sun also has a Blazecano, from Professor Maple, it was always defeated by Roger's Africpo. Moon's Blazecano gets along very well with Sun's Blazecano.

Pokémon S&M: The Legends of Sunophia and Moonruphus

Irene received a Coalcub from Professor Maple after Cody got his Africpo. So, Professor Maple asked Irene to take care of it. It eventually evolved into Lavadator and then into Blastcano.


Lavadator (Japanese: Lavager)

Species: LAVA PLUME Pokémon

Type: Fire

Height: 6'23"/7.9m

Weight: 43.0 lbs/19.5 kg

A tiger with sharp fangs, a volcano on its back, a two spiked tail and an angry looking skull on its head (it will have an X-shaped scar on its head if the skull is removed). It resembles a tiger version of Luxio. Lavager are carnivorous, very dangerous Pokémon and much more braver than its pre-evolution Coalcub. They also compete with other carnivorous Pokémon for meat. Poisdator evolve from Coalcub at LV 14.

Pokédex Entries

Sun: It hunts for its prey and competes with other carnivourous Pokémon. Much Braver than Coalcub.

Moon: If its skull is stolen by anyone, it will attack the fool who took its skull.

Blastcano (Japanese: Blazecano)

Species: MAGMA VOLCANO Pokémon

Type: Fire

Height: 41'00"/21.5m

Weight: 218.0 lbs/98.0 kg

A giant tiger with red eyes with black sclera, a four-fanged and horned skull with red eyes on its head, a body similar to Luxray's, puffed-up cheeks with white fur covered, a volcano having a skull print on its back, sharper fangs, and a four spiked tail. Sludgecano are very violent-tempered and dangerous. When angered, Sludgecano will shoot out volcano fireballs out of the volcano on its back. It will also go on violent rampages whenever they step on a splinter. It tends to be the leader of its evolution family. Blazecano evolve from Poisdator at LV 36.

Pokédex Entries

Sun: It is very violent in nature. If angered, it will shoot out volcano fireballs from its volcano. So be careful.

Moon: It will go on an uncontrollable rampage and destruct everything if it steps on a splinter. A violent-tempered Pokémon.


  • It is the only starter Pokémon to have its evolutions remained quadruped.

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