Clyde D.I.Y. Beta Elements.


The Characters were the hardest to do - due to the lack of Clyde and Flame series characters. A better name is Mario D.I.Y. with Clyde! But we are putting our own characters in, also More Bosses. The bosses will come from the Flame and Clyde series - but Fire Master and Flame will be in the game. Also different coloured Yoshi's will be in - customizable to make it your Yoshi. The main characters will not be customizable. They later would be. We might still use characters from other series' still though.

Items & Power-Ups

With the items Flame Series being removed, Flame Games responed. The Items were poor [from the other series] - The Bombs are replaced with Bob-ombs from the Mario series, and the other items are removed all together. Flame Games took a plunge into other series and found that the items from the Mario series were the best. They were going to have suits, but they were removed. I can't see Clyde as a penguin, joked Flame Games, so it's best not to have the suits in the game - I don't want our characters looking stupid! Flame Games have used the Mushrooms, Flowers, Coins and Shells. Many questioned that the Boo and Bee Mushrooms worked as a suit - Flame Games responding The Boo Mushroom makes Clyde invisible (not seen by the enemies) and Bee Mushroom makes him fly. They don't work like in the Mario series.

Release Date

The release date was set for August for all nations - later changing back to September (UK), October (EU) and others unconfirmed.

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