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Clyde: Right, you all know why your here?
All: Yes.
Clyde: Good. Now after what happened to Glasgow, this week, we need to act fast. The Irish are based in Newcastle, England, and we need to attack them. They'd not want to see us there.
Banana Jr.: Yes, but how are we gonna get over there safely?
Clyde: You work that out, take a few of us down there now.
Banana Jr. and a few Members leave the room.
Clyde: Right, I've also got help from Wales, Northern Ireland, and other places. Also, I'm starting a Air Force - The Scottish Air Force.
"Richy": So we just bomb 'em?
Clyde: We'll... Yeah! Also, McBoo and his friends will be joining us.
"Soap": And do what?
Clyde: I dunno. Anyway... Let's get a Irn Bru and start the SAF!
All: Yeah!

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