Clyde 2: Flame of Scotland is a game made by Flame Games, as part of the Clyde (series). It's set in the United Kingdom and Ireland, with Fire Master and Flame joining forces against the Tartan Army. The Games' for Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS and Flame Bomb. It's got a unconfirmed release date.


Clyde calls "Soap" & "Richy" into a room. He hands them a piece of paper and they read it. The Tartan Army would have to defend Scotland from Irish Attacks after what happened in the Northern Ireland-Republic of Ireland War, that had just re-ended. Scotland had Helped Northern Ireland, and Ireland wanted pay-back. The Irish would get help from, South of the Border, England. With help from the RAF (Royal Air Force), IFA (Irish Force of Air) had bombed Glasgow - The Biggest Scottish City - after this, Clyde called a meeting. After the meeting Clyde told, his friend, Banana Jr. to lead a few Army Members to Newcastle. They'd return, beating Flame & Fire Master, there. Snow Master, Fire Masters' bother, was helping the Tartan Army, along with the rest of the Red Dragons. Some of the Green & White Army, from Northern Ireland, joined battles in Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and London. After a win in the four cities, Flame & Fire Master give up - they surrender to the Tartan Army, but the Irish didn't. Clyde joined McBoo in the SAF (Scottish Air Force) in the "Tartan Army-Scottish Air Force Alliance" to go Dublin, Ireland. They returned after only 8 days - easily beating them.


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Clyde 2: Flame of Scotland
Developer Flame Games
Publisher Flame Games
Released Nintendo Wii

Nintendo DS

Flame Bomb
Genre Platformer
1st Person Shooter
3rd Person Shooter
Modes 1 Player
Story Mode
Nintendo Wi-Fi

2 Player
Story Mode
Nintendo Wi-Fi
Ratings TBA
Platforms Nintendo Wii
Nintendo DS
Flame Bomb
Media Wii Disc
DS Card
Input Wii Remote
Music By Flame Tunes
Number of Players 1, 2, 3, or 4.
Up to 12 online.
Games Series Clyde (series)

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