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Show 1 - Welcome to Berkshire.
C&amp;F - CLY-JR
Writer of Episode Clyde1998
Channel(s) FTV 1, FTV HD1
Clyde & Flame: Battle of the Yoshis Episode 1

Clyde & Flame: Battle of the Yoshis follows an elite unit from the Thames Valley Police. Hunting down drug dealers, and removing crime from the Thames Valley!

show coming soon

  • Voice-over: Clyde & Banana Jr. are in Reading, working on Operation Vulcan - the crack down against drugs.
  • Clyde: We're on a road known for drugs - hence why it's known as Drug Street.
  • Banana Jr.: We named it.
  • Clyde: Yeah. Err... That guy's got a fag.
  • Banana Jr.: Cocaine mate.
  • Clyde: Right. [Gets out car] Get on the floor with your hands behind your back.
  • Guy 1: Fuck that mate.
  • Clyde: Right we saw drugs on you mate - and we can smell it too.
  • Guy 1: What are you gonna do about it?
  • Clyde: Nick You.
  • Banana Jr.: There's lots of it in here.
  • Clyde: Right Mate, Your Under Arrest for possession of Class A Drugs. You Don't Have to say anything, but anything you do say may be taken as evidence and used in court. OK?
  • Voice-over: He was taken down for 2 years, and fined £500.

more soon

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