#1 Flower of Scotland?
Coming Soon.
Hosted By None.
Eliminated None.
First Show Clyde
Fire Master
Snow Master
Banana Jr.
YoshiEgg Nook
Rating PG
Writer of Episode Clyde1998 (tbc)

32 Contestants are all invited to a Island, for a party. They don't know that they'll have to stay there for the rest of there lives!

Clyde: God!
Banana Jr.: What?
Clyde: What do ya think?
"Richy": Look. Were not the only ones.
McBoo: Huh? You too?
Clyde: Well...
McBoo: Well, the bl00dy invite said - it was only me and my friends.
Clyde looks at him.
McBoo: Oh yeah.
YoshiEgg Nook: Someone I know!
Clyde: Which one?
YoshiEgg Nook: Both.
Clyde: Both?
Clyde looks around to see no Banana Jr. and "Richy".
Clyde: Oh.
McBoo, Clyde, and YoshiEgg Nook turn up out side of the island gates.
Snow Master: Clyde!
Clyde: Hey! Not a lot happening.
Snow Master: Nah.
Flame: Some random arse is here.
Clyde: Screw you Flame!
Fire Master: So, What are we doing here?
Clyde: Nothing.
A Man: Hello...

Who is the Man?
What island are they on?