Club Mario is the third episode of series 2 of Super Mario. It aired on 8th June , 2015.



Tiarer is invitied to a picnic with Mario, Peach and Police Guy after she helps out cleaning the castle. Meanwhile, Bowser kidnaps all the Toads whilst they are gone.

When they come back, Ludwig von Koopa tries to kidnap Tiarer with a vaccum he invented, but she manages to fight him off, with the help of Mario and a Fire Flower.

Bowser, meanwhile, locks Rievoah and Toadokay into a storage room. However, they find Bullet Bill blasters and break down the door. They open the door, take down the Koopalings except Ludwig and free the other Toads. Toad, Toadette, Rievoah and Toadokay then tackle Bowser and lock him in a cage. Ludwig, however, escapes and uses his vaccum to suck the brightness of the sun away. Toadsworth, however, suggests that if tthey break the vaccum, it will return.

Mario, Peach, Tiarer and Bobbert then come to the rescue, until they spot Ludwig whipping up a monster that he calls The Wham. The Wham then grabs the Toads and attempts to pull them into its gust. Mario then grabs Ludwig's vaccum and fights over it.

Suddenly, Bowser reappears and grabs Mario. Peach and Tiarer then run and grab the vaccum. Bowser then breathes a fireball to try and attack them, but ends up burning the vaccum, annoying Ludwig and killing The Wham. The brightness of the sun is then returned.

Tiarer then gets a medal from Police Guy for helping save the kingdom.


Bowser's Castle

  • Rievoah is pushing away a Mecha Koopa
  • Rievoah : "You! You may get away with this, but I will NEVER bow down to you!"
  • Bowser : "Is that how you are gonna act? How am I surprised."
  • A Goomba is carrying Toadokay, Rievoah punches the Goomba
  • Toadokay : "Thanks... But where is everyone?"
  • Bowser : "In the PLAY room. Chain Chomp! Send these two to their room!"
  • Chain Chomp, being a friend of Rievoah and Toadokay, refuses
  • Bowser : "Insolent fool."
  • Bowser ties Chain Chomp to a pole, grabs Rievoah and Toadokay, and throws them in a storage room
  • Toadokay : "Did you sneak a flower in here or something?"
  • Roevoah : "No... But there is surely something in one of these boxes."


  • Tiarer is the third Toad to use a powerup in the show, after Rievoah and Toad.
  • This is the fourth time Bowser has played the main villian in the series.
  • This episode shows Rievoah and Toadokay working together well.
  • Although it is said that all the Toads except Tiarer were kidnapped, there is no sign of Troop Sr.'s wife at all.