Clover Battle Club is an upcoming action-adventure fighting video game developed by Clover Entertainment and published by Fantendo for the Pro Gamer and Master 4D in 2013. It is a crossover between various franchises with games developed by Clover Entertainment, such as the Godzilla series and Transformers series. Because it is co-developed by Brock Productions, it also features Pinti and Sixth, two Brock Production's owned property.



Name Image Description
Godzilla Godzilla 2004 The main character of Clover Entertainment's second longest-running game series and one of the longest-running film franchise ever, Godzilla is a radioactive dinosaur that can shoot atomic breath from his mouth. That combined with his sheer physical strength can prove devastating in battle.
Land Shark LAND SHARK by Xeqz The Land Shark was a Great White Shark mutated by nuclear waste that was dumped in the Pacific Ocean. The shark is one of Clover Entertainment's most famous characters, but has yet to appear in his own game.


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