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Clover (Luck)
Clover in Luck
Full Name Clover
Current Age  ???
Date of Birth  ???
Gender Female
Species Demon
First Appearance Luck
Latest Appearance Luck
Clover, Luck

Clover is Ghost and posibly a demonistic child like being from Luck, she is one of the main antagonists of the game.


Clover has green skin, light green hair with a Four-Leaved Clover on the right side of it. She has a dark green dress the resembles a Ballet Dress, she has dark green shoes that also seem to reasemle Ballet clothes. Her eyes are not visable due to the fact that there is a shadowed area on her face covering most of it. Her mouth is small and she rarely opens her mouth but she has been shown to have a lizard or snake like tounge that is a dark almost black green color.


Due to the fact that Clover is a dark and mysterious character not much is known about her but it is clear she hates living beings and has killed many.

Game Apearances


Clover playes a very important part in this game and is the main vilian, she killed Monica's parents and attempted to kill her too. Clover would lure Monica into an old mansion deep in Clover Woods this is where the game begins and ends. Clover can stalk the character when they are walking about or she can kill them if they enter a Green Room.


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