Clover & Rose
Developer(s) Fandraxonian Enterprises
Publisher(s) Fandraxonian Enterprises
Platform(s) Wii U
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Adventure/Puzzle
Series BowieQuest
Media Included Wii U Optical Disc
 Clover & Rose is a spin-off game of the canon BowieQuest series.  Developed by Fandraxonian Enterprises, Clover & Rose is an adventure/puzzle game for the Wii U system.  It features two young teddy bears, Clover and Rose, as they attempt to rid the world of the Blackfire King, and later on the Blackfire Virus, a mutated lifeform that strangles its foes in fear and hatred.


You start in a level, and attempt to climb your way to the top.  There are many objects that you can use and there are also many obstacles that attempt to be in your way.  You can use ladders, floating platforms, launch pads, etc.  You are also required to think outside the box and even use your partner to make it up top.


  • Control Pad to move/select
  • A button to jump/confirm
  • B button to attack/cancel (hold to run)
  • X button to use partner
  • Y button to switch partner
  • Start to pause



Clover is one of the game's main protagonists, alongside Rose.  He is the strength of the two and can break through weak walls and can toss Rose to other areas with great force.  He's a bit more stern than Rose but is still friendly none the less.  His element is sand, and when he runs, a trail of sand follows.  At full speed he can whip up small sandstorms.



Clover & Rose.

Rose is one of the game's protagonists, alongside Clover.  She is the brains and speed of the two and can run across water with great grace.  She can spin herself and Clover into small crevices and she is capable of walking on the ceiling.  She is very friendly and is very shy.  Her element is fear, which she can use to frighten her enemies.  This activates by running at full speed, and a ghostly trail follows her as she does. 

Blackfire King

The main antagonist of the game.  After learning that Clover and Rose plan to overthrow him and replace him with someone who isn't a tyrant, he vows to destroy them before the locals are convinced that he is a tyrant.  He then sets every obstacle to come their way.  However, he was unaware that he carried a new virus known as the Blackfire Virus, and unwittingly spreads it.


  • Green Gardens  - A beautiful area that hangs near Blackfire Castle.  A beautiful place with few hazards, this place is a great area to start in.  Beware the Garden Scarecrow, something that follows you and attempts to steal your soul in later areas of the world. Green Gardens in sunshine has lots of clear ground to cross with low rivers, and in rain the plants grow much larger and the rivers rise a bit, allowing you to swim to new areas.
  • Aquatic Mines - Clean mines that lead to the wonderful Midnight Ruins.  This area presents little danger, and the water is smooth and fine to swim in.  The water level increases as time passes by, so try not to stay here too long. Near the end of the Aquatic Mines, an Oil Trap blocks your path, and you must break through it with sheer force.
  • Midnight Ruins - Mystical ruins hidden deep within the Blackfire Kingdom.  This is one of the game's more challenging areas, and it's full to the brim with lava and secrets.  The higher up you go, the more like a garden it looks.  The lower you go, the more like a prison it looks. Midnight Ruins has flowing water in many areas, and while you can swim in it, it has very hot and drains health as you swim.
  • Mecha Desert - A dry land industrialized by machinery.  It's full of quicksand pits and has no oasis whatsoever, hence making it an enormous death trap. To cross the desert, you can use the conveyor belts and mechanical ladders present throughout the area. The world is rather simple to pass, but the sandman is after you, so be aware. If the sandman catches you, you are forced to battle him early. Even if you beat him, you still must take him down at the world's end.
  • Skyline City - A city set at dawn, and is full of traffic lights and bicycles.  The area is brilliantly lighted and there are many paths to take.  Occasionally you'll enter a building and find some pretty cool secrets inside. Skyline Town has a lot of tough guards that try to pierce you into two, so avoid going near the bottom of the level if you can.
  • Hillside Casino - The most well known casino in the world, and it's filled with gambling material.  Win it or lose it here, but remember to keep on your main task...of course there's always the possibility of bumping everywhere. Hillside Casino allows you to use its slots to earn money, but you can get bad fortune from the machine - don't always think you will be rewarded!
  • Thunder Mountain - A mountain that thunders repetitively, and is filled with many hazards, like unstable cliffs and hidden flamethrowers.  Midway through this nightmare, you enter a booby trap-infested area. The bottom of the mountain has casino like elements, but as you go up, lightning tries to zap you every eight and a half seconds, so dodge it carefully.
  • Aerial Fortress - A fortress that floats in the sky at high speeds.  It's huge and it's no laughing matter, and enemies run everywhere within.  Navigating the fortress takes a lot of skill and time.  Halfway through it gains a more modern appearance, and has many traps, such as hydrogen flamethrowers and fuzz-melting acid.
  • Volcanic Darkness - A dark, volcanic area hidden in the depths of the Blackfire Kingdom.  Everything is boiling, screaming, and melting in this vast region.  You made it far, you can't really give it up now...the Volcanic Darkness is tough to pass, but with skill and willpower you can make it.
  • Hellfire Canyon - One of the final areas of this adventure.  Lava is everywhere, and attempts to melt you down into nothing but butter. Hellfire Canyon has switches that can trigger lava flows and exits at the same time. Always be prepared to run!
  • Black World - Filled with the destruction of the Blackfire King and the Blackfire Virus.  Be wary of all obstacles and do not let the hideous breathing of the Virus Core distract you.


G3N3RIK Enemy Set
  • G3N3RIK-01: They like to wait for the player to come around, then slam into them. To defeat them, their bodies must be hit with good force.
  • G3N3RIK-02: They are improved versions of 01, they like to patrol a certain area, then attack the player from any direction they possibly can. They can only go straight, however.
  • G3N3RIK-03: They patrol a certain area, then stalk the player until defeated or if the player makes it to an area they can't fit through.
  • G3N3RIK-04: Ghost like versions of 03 that only last in the final levels. They follow the player until said player makes it to the next area of a level. They cannot be defeated, and this is their final version.
  • WH1PP3RZNVP3R-01: Generally, these enemies resemble cowboys. They toss ropes and attempt to capture the player and strangle them with ropes. However, the ropes are slow.
  • WH1PP3RZNVP3R-02: They are improved versions of 01, their ropes are way faster, and they also take a green coloring. This is their final version.
SVNDW1CH Enemy Set
  • SVNDW1CH-01: These enemies try to clamp the opponent between two sets of teeth, which are disguised as bread slices. They can be defeated by stepping on the top slice.
  • SVNDW1CH-02: Now they are invincible and must be avoided at all costs. Be aware!
  • SVNDW1CH-03: They're now five times as large, but they're no longer invincible! Enough presses to the top slice should defeat them. They behave like SVNDW1CH-01.


  • Silver Clover & Rose - The mechanical duo attack by ramming into you, and by throwing each other.  To damage them, crash Rose into Silver Clover and Clover into Silver Rose.  After 3 more hits each, the duo falls. (Green Gardens)
  • Blackfire Sub - A submarine containing the Blackfire King.  It can fire missiles, energy shots, and small lasers at you.  Toss Clover at the machine, then let Clover continue doing bents in the machine until it breaks open. (Aquatic Mines)
  • Dark Dragon - A hungry dragon that wants to eat the duo for a snack.  This monster can breathe fire and can attempt to flap the two away with its powerful wings.  Get on the wings and let Clover bend them.  After it suffers from the bendings, have Rose damage its head.  Repeat three more times to defeat.  Beware its tail attack! (Midnight Ruins)
  • The Sandman - The Sandman of the Mecha Desert attacks!  He battles in a quicksand pit and attempts to use sandstorms and huge boulders against you.  He can also jump out and attempt to smash you, only to fall back in.  Hit the top of his head to deal damage. (Mecha Desert)
  • Sabeuxo - The ancient bear, angered with unknown rage, attacks the two when they are about to exit the city.  He attacks with lightning attacks and stomps that send out shockwaves.  Hit him with any method until he's defeated. (Skyline Town)
  • Silver General - A general that uses razors and blades to defeat his foes.  It can run at high speeds and summon tiny toy soldiers to attack the players.  To defeat, throw the bombs he throws back at him to destroy his shields.  Once all 8 shields are destroyed, use any attack on him to break him apart. (Hillside Casino)
  • Miracle Man - A metallic cyborg that uses lasers, rocket launchers, energy blasts, and explosions to destroy anything in his path of destruction.  Hold Clover and then toss him at him to damage him.  After 16 hits from Clover, Miracle Man falls and helps you board the Aerial Fortress. (Thunder Mountain)
  • Virus Fuzz - A piece of fuzz that has mutation powers.  It can morph into Rose or Clover and steal their attack pattern.  If it is hit, it takes damage and then can turn into either one of the earlier bosses (except Sabeuxo) and then it will repeat until it has taken enough damage.  As its final resort, it will transform into the Blackfire King.  He will send power spheres towards you, dodge these and hit the boss on the head. (Aerial Fortress)
  • Commander Magma - A teddy bear that leads an army of monsters. He'll start by throwing monsters at you, then after 5 to 8 waves of monsters he'll come down and battle hand to hand. After two hits he'll go back up. His pattern then loops. He'll eventually begin shooting lasers, missiles, and energy spheres. His last ditch effort to destroy you is by blowing up the arena, which you can avoid by jumping on him before he lands. (Volcanic Darkness)
  • Blackfire King - The main antagonist of the game.  After making it through Hellfire Isle, you encounter this boss.  He attacks with negative energy, power spheres, fire elemental attacks, and counters attacks with a black shield.  Disable the shield by tossing Rose at it, then hit him with Clover.  Repeat 7 times to defeat. (Hellfire Canyon)
  • Blackfire Virus Source - The final boss of the game, and the most corrupted of the viruses, and the leader of them as well.  It fires instant-killing blobs of the virus at you, as well as fires powerful energy shots.  You can only defeat it by destroying the core within it, and to do that you need to use Clover's huge strength to break the outside and then use Rose to destroy the inside with her hyper speed. (Black World)


Stage and Boss music lie in the respective sections of Stages and Bosses.


  • Chronologically, this game takes place before the rest of the BowieQuest series.