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Cloudy Citadel

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Cloudy Citadel is the seventh world in Extreme Mario World. It has clouds, mushroom pillars, and airships. The boss is Ludwig. The enemy course is a Foo.


  • 7-1: Paratroopa's Platform Panic
  • 7-2: Mushroom on the Move
  • 7-3: Laktiu's Rainbow Ride
  • 7-4: Fuzzy's Boomerang Danger
  • 7-GH: Stormy Mansion
  • 7-F: Flame-Gear Tower
  • 7-5: Snakeblock Sunset
  • 7-6: Parabeetle Parade
  • 7-7: Thunder Bridge
  • 7-C: Ludwig's Magical Castle

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