Cloud Mario

The Cloud Pirate Stop is a location (in the clouds, not on an island or ocean) in World 1 of Super Mario Pirate Adventure. It features the re-introduction of Cloud Mario. It also holds Chow Mein, a speedy dude who is brothers with Stir Fry. In Mission 1, you find The Fearsome 5. That includes one person of every playable character's afflication. That would be:

These characters act as the Toad Brigade from Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2. Also, the Toad Brigade always travels with them, so they are technically the Fearless 10.


Power Stars

Search for the Fearless 10 PeachEmblemPA

This level starts off with the character and the Cloud Flower in front of it. Please note, Peach is needed for this level. So, Peach will grab the Cloud Flower, and head up to the platform, using her umbrella and cloud flower. She will meet Blue Toad, Yellow Toad and Purple Toad, who hop on her back. She takes them to the other side of the big trench.

On the other side of the trench, there is a big wall jump place. You can wall jump up there, or use 3 clouds. You will meet 10 people. Toads, and the people above. They talk about Chow Mein. Peach keeps climbing up with her clouds and parasel to find Chow Mein. He mentions a harder challenge for the Bros., and he presents Peach with Power Star #10!

Chow Mein's Stomp Challenge MarioEmblemPA LuigiEmblemPA

After collecting the power star #10, and on Mario's Ship, Stir Fry appears on the pirate ship, and says Chow Mein has a 'challenge' for Mario or Luigi.

When Mario or Luigi arrive at the Cloud Pirate Stop, Chow Mein announces a STOMP CHALLENGE. To stop on Goombas. Mario or Luigi must stomp on 30 enemies in 60 seconds. It is all in the starting area. When they complete it, Chow Mein presents Power Star #11!

Fearsome 10's Cloudy Tower

Everyone can play in this level. It is just a quest to find the Fearsome 10. May Whittles are in this area, and they will help you out. They are on top of the Cloud Castle. (You must use a cloud flower to get there). They will simply present to you Power Star #12!

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