Developer(s) Fritez Co. Logo
Publisher(s) FantendoByArend
Platform(s) 3DS
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan TBA 2013
25px-Flag of USA TBA 2013
25px-Flag of Europe TBA 2013
25px-Flag of Australia TBA 2013
1 Player Adventure and 4 Player Mini-Games
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 3D Platformer,Puzzle
Cloud Patrol is the first installment in the Cloud Patrol series and is produced by Fritez Franchise. It is a a 3D platformer but focuses on strategy instead of platforming and exploration. Nearly the whole game takes place within the earth's atomsphere but a fictional one. The story starrs Arshallo, the main protagonist of the game who has a job of creating the weather in the Cloud Patrol organization, but the main villain, Aseneus rises agian a wreaks havoc. The game is platformed for the 3DS .


Gameplay and Rules


Mission Gameplay

Like the game's premise, the game's goal is to create weather controlling Arshallo and navigating him through small room-sized levels in the sky. Arshallo can be controlled in a realistic, 3D fashion with the entire view of the mission being Isometirc view, similar to Captain Toad: Treasure TrackerEach level also includes one or multiple cloud platforms and a mysterious U.F.O like ship that is a major part in completing a mission. A level may also contain a few sky islands or even gaint structures extended from the earth, most levels have a uniqe gimmick as well. If the player walks or jumps off the screen's edge in these tiny room sized levels, Arshallo will warp to the other side of the screen. 

Weather is the most important aspect of the game as creating it is the only way to clear levels and beat bosses. Each level takes place over a different climate and the player must guess what weather to make based on the climate. Also at the beginning of the level the player is given a note tied to a balloon that has a complaint written on it by a human that acts as a hint as to what weather the player must make. The reason the U.F.O is needed is beacuse it creates Weather Containers. 

Weather Containers are cubicle objects enssensial for creating actual weather. There are many types of Weather Containers, each represents a different weather. The main 3 Weather Containers the player will use the most throghout are the Sun, Rain and Snow, beacuse the player will need those weathers for many different things in the game. To create a certain weather, for example rain, the player must place a certain amount of Rain Containers on a cloud platform. Once enough Rain Containers are on it, all Rain Containers glow and Arshallo must activate that weather by preforming a stomp on the cloud which will get rid of everything on top and realese rain weather.

The amount of Weather Containers needed matches the number of stars on the level difficulty that is displayed in the hud. The more difficulty a level has, the more stars and thus the more Weather Containers the player must place on clouds to create weather. However, each golden star of difficulty will come in handy at the end of level bounus game

There are of course enemies and they'll spawn from an evil UFO that will come and leave throughout the level to drop enemies. Enemies do more than just pursue the player to harm them. Most enemies go onto cloud platforms and chuck Weather Containers off the level and down into the endless sky. Beacuse of this enemies are almost required to defeat in order to complete a level. Sometimes the U.F.O will come with a swarm of U.F.O's which will give realese tons of enemies, this is called an Enemy Swarm.

Instead of having a standard health gauge, Arshallo only has a certain amount of time before his boss appears and fires him from his job. This timer will constantly count down and if Arshallo alls or is harmed, a certain amount of time will be lost. Time can be restored by popping Magic Bubbles. When there are two players, both have thier own time limit instead of a shared one.



1-2 Players

The main mode of the game that takes players through various missions to make weather and defeat bosses. This mode also has cutscenes that play on certain parts and 2 player co-op.


1-2 Players

The player can pick any of the many arenas and go against eachother. One character's goal is to create the rain weather and the other player must create the sun weather. The match ends either when one player has run out of health/time and is fired or one character makes thier weather and wins.



Image Name Description Function
ArshalloCP2 Arshallo

Arshallo is the main character of the game and at first simply wants a tower of shiny Prisims, which he eventully gets. But then he gets his head stuck in the clouds and has to stop the sky from falling thanks to Clipseia's doing.

Serves as the only playable character in story mode and the 1st player in co-op and battle mode.
Skyle Arshallo's pet rabbit that normally rides along in his backpack dispite pets being prohibited. His ears aren't just for show, they could be propellers, a pair of scissors and a veriety of other things. Serves as 2nd Player in co-op and battle mode.
Tori Tori is a Patrol Bird who saves patrollers from falling from the great skies. She has quite the thing with fashion and often wears the correct outfit for each biome, only for Arshallo to change the weather and ruin the outfit's porpose. When a player fallsout of bounds, she retrives them back onto the platfrom they last jumped off of.
Tanner Gives the player's tips and teaches the player how to play the game.
Otto Operates the shop.


Normal Weather

Container Weather Typiclly Designated to... Notes
Clear --- The basic, deafult weather in each level.

Event Weather

Container Weather Biome Effect
Wind Mountain
Fog Haunted
Hail Snow
Rainbow All



Enemy Description Weight Locations
Blush Blushes are simple enemies that spawn and then sit atop clouds, thus they serve as an annoyance rather than a thret. +1 Various
Blight Heavier, more annoying versions of bushes that will try and push arshallo off a cloud if he gets too close. +2 Various
Bombee Will home in on Arshallo and explode. They can't be defeated by the palyer, but rather by folllowing them for a while and then exploding. --- Various
Trabunk Will bounce from cloud to cloud trying to jump on the player, smashing them. +1
Skyrite Cloud buccanners that will jump out of sky ships, they are simple members of the Skyrites and are weilded with cutlasses. +1
Sparrot Parrots of the Skyrites that will swoop at the player. ---


Enemy Description Locations
Bomballoon Normal prize balloons may randomly turn into these. They will float up and if made contact with, will blow up. Various
Airpain Giant airplanes that appear at random and sweep over the whole stage.
Meteor Falls down on the player, damaging on contact.
Firecracker Similar to bomballoons but they'll rapidly shoot up from the sky, a warning will be announced by an icon before they shoot up.


Image Boss Description Battle Fought

Items and Objects

Image Item Function
Weather Container Used to create certain weathers by putting a certain amount of a kind on a cloud. They come in different verieties, each creating different weathers.
Prisim Used as a currency.
Sundial Adds time to the player's timer. The longer the player goes without collecting it, the more time it will replenish. However, if the player goes too long without collecting it, It'll transfrom into a Moondial which will de
Moon Rock
Jet Boots





  • All the bosses (excluding the last) are based off of one of the seven sins.


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