Why do you resist us? It will only end in failure for you. You cannot destroy us. We are the ultimate beings. We have evolved throughout time. We have become perfect. We are the saviors of all beings in the universe. But it doesn't matter if you continue this fight any longer. The hour approaches. This world will belong to us. All worlds will belong to us. You cannot resist us. Join us. Submit to us. Or else, you shall BECOME OUR FOOD!
Clonosite Queen

The Clonosite Queen is the leader of all Clonosites. It was created by JetStreak (Not in the games) and is owned by JS Games Inc.


Her origin is unknown.


The queen is made up of three parts. One part is where she reproducive capabilities are , one is where her defensive capabilities are, and one is where her true form is. Her first form is a woman in a nightmarish gown. Behind her true form is her defensive section, which protects her front, as well as camoflages it, and her reproductive area, which is where more Clonosites are produced. Her second form is a giant angler fish with a woman as its lure. This second second form is when she uses two thirds of her true power, where her final form, her true form is the most powerful and most terrifying. It is so horrible, it is impossible to speak in words.

Appearance in Games

All-Star Heroes

She makes her debut in All-Star Heroes as the semi-final boss. It is rumored that she absorbs most of the cast.

Fantendo Civil War 2

The Clonosites team up with Sunnyscythe to take over all worlds in Fantendo Civil War 2. In said game, they are almost unstoppable. Almost...

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