Clone Shroob
Clone Shroob Battle Sixth Battle Clone Shroob Bros.

Clone Shrood Super Shroob Bros.

The Clone Shroob has the ability to clone at least 53 clones of itself, however, each having the same abilities, the ability to clone so that even more clones are made, but they have double the less Helath Points than the original Clone Shroob.

Attacks: The Clone Shroob attacks normally by using a laser ray gun attack, which it can use more blasts at both brothers from one ray gun to make the attack four times more efficient. It can also clone itself freely, whenever it wants. It can also switch places extremely fast so that either you have good eyesight or you are followed by pure luck to attack the real one. The Clone Shroob has one but one ability it only uses at the end of the game, it can speak in english a little bit.But uses this ability extremely hyper-super-really rarely.