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Clique is a series starring the people of Biotech, a large cybernetic city, focusing mainly on Renesmeé and her life as she gets intertwined with the city's underground gangs such as the Cyber Pirates and the Motherboard.


Name Mugshot Description
Renesmeé Klinken Smolrenesmeé Renesmeé is a troubled girl with a big heart. She is the girlfriend of Rhonda a manipulated by her. Renesmeé has a hard time standing up for herself and often just does what others tell her, even if they're mean.
Rhonda Ionic Smolrhonda Rhonda is the captain of the Cyber Pirates and the abusive, manipulative girlfriend of Renesmeé. Rhonda used to be a nice girl, but her life fell into a downwards spiral when her mother disappeared. Rhonda has a monopoly over the entire underground Biotech industry.
Tiffany Cogs Smoltiffany Tiffany is Rhonda's accountant, she deals with the money that the Cyber Pirates steal as well as keeping the stolen treasures in check. She is a highly organised person and she sticks to a strict schedule. She hasn't seen her twin brother since they were 15 years old.
Ryan Steele Smolryan Ryan is the brawn of the Cyber Pirates. He came from another district and is still in denial that he misses his district. He feels he owes Rhonda his life for taking him in when he was chased out of Suburbia. 
Elektra Fyles Smolelektra Elelktra is the unofficial mayor of Biotech, making all the decisions and having technical control over the city. She reports things the actual mayor and advises him on what he's doing wrong. 
Geartrude Walters Smolgeartrude Geartrude is the cyborg assistant of Elektra, assisting her in making decisions and dealing with shipping and financial issues. Geartrude struggles to remember fully who she used to be and is dealing with a lot of person self-worth issues.
Alistair Cogs Smolalistair Alistair is Elektra's psychologist and advisor. He helps her when the stress of maintaining a city becomes too much for her. He wants to be reunited with his twin sister Tiffany.
Courtney Hardrive Smolcourtney Courtney acts as Elektra's mechanic. She works in many of Elektra's factories doing maintenance on the machines withing the factories. Courtney's interest in machinery and mechanisms can often lead to dangerous and troublesome scenarios.
Nathan Blitz Smolnathan TBA
Ulrike Zinc Smolulrike TBA
Danny Singe Smoldanny TBA
Agnes Landline Smolagnes TBA

Part 1 - The Code Gems

RHONDA: -opening the curtains of her cabin- Get up, we have shit to do.

RENESMEÉ: -slowly opening her eyes- You don't have to be so rude you know, I was getting up anyway.

RHONDA: When I'm nice you never listen to me, you utter fuckwit.

Rhonda walks towards Renesmeé and grabs her wrist aggressively, for a moment the two exchange glances, Renesmeé's, fear, and Rhonda's, power. They pause for a moment and Rhonda kisses Renesmeé's cheek

RHONDA: Love you.

RENESMEÉ: -putting her hand to her cheek and holding her wrist- Love you too...

Outside the cabin Tiffany is helping Ryan move some large boxes who's contents are unknown. Renesmeé leaves her cabin after getting dressed.

TIFFANY: -letting go of the crate, letting Ryan struggle with the weight- Fucking finally, Jesus where have you been.

Renesmeé cowers slightly, before answering with surprising confidence.

RENESMEÉ: I over slept thanks to you keeping me up all night with your obnoxious snoring.

TIFFANY: -angrily grunting- What the fuck ever.

RYAN: -angrily dropping his crate- Typical, since you overslept you're going to have to move these by yourself as punishment.

RHONDA: -peering over from the deck above- No, she wont, there's too much to move and we don't have long to move it, and you know she's about as useful as a fridge magnet when it comes to work.

RYAN: -sighing- I guess.

Ryan and Tiffany grab their crate again and carry it into the cargo hull of the ship. Renesmeé becomes sheepish again as they carry it past her. Rhonda jumps down from her deck.

RHONDA: Why are you like this!? You're so ungrateful, you know those people are my friends I don't want you acting like that again, understand!?

RENESMEÉ: -clenching her fist in slight anger but then un-clenching it in fear- I'm... I'm sorry. It won't happen again.

Rhonda stares her in the eyes for a few seconds, showing her anger, before turning around to walk back to her deck.

RENESMEÉ: I love you.

Rhonda pauses, but ignores her, returning to her deck to steer the ship. Renesmeé frowns, and begins to drag a crate to the cargo hull alone.

Meanwhile at the Motherboard Base.

GEARTRUDE: -frantically checking her digital clipboard- Miss. Fyles, there has been a robbery at the Power Plant.

ELEKTRA: -getting out of her chair and walking to her window, looking over the city- How bad is it...

GEARTRUDE: We've lost 60% of our Code Gems.

ELEKTRA: -pausing for a moment to process her thoughts- Okay, we're going to have to retrieve them, have you checked the security footage?

GEARTRUDE: The camera's were cut off before the robbery happened, but we did find this symbol painted onto the wall of the factory.

Geartrude shows Elektra the picture of symbol from the factory on her clipboard.

ELEKTRA: The Cyber Pirates...

Elektra quickly sits down in her chair, asking Geartrude to leave, Geartrude worriedly exits Elektra's office. Elektra pushes a button on her desk, causing a screen to rise from it, she presses a button on the screen that has the Cyber Pirate's symbol.


Rhonda is stood at the panel of the ship. Suddenly the main panel lights up with the symbol of the Motherboard. She answers it with an egotistical laugh.

RHONDA: Well, well, well, if it isn't Miss Elektra Fyles. It took you a while to notice this time, 12 hours actually, it's a new record!

ELEKTRA: Save it Rhonda. Tell me what you're planning to do with those Code Gems, even I know you're not stupid enough to realise you can't use them without a Neocracker.

Renesmeé is about to enter the room with the ships panel, but instead hangs behind the door, listening to Rhonda and Elektra speak on the screens.

RHONDA: Well, maybe so, but even you must know that Code Gems are highly expensive and hard to make, they will fetch a pretty penny on the Black Market.

Rhonda smirks to herself as she holds a Code Gem in her hand.

RHONDA: And let's not forget.. this.. little.. detail...

Rhonda throws the Code Gem to the ground at lightning speed, it explodes in a small electrical blaze before her.

RHONDA: Now that was just one of them, but imagine that on a scale of 10 Million, and then imagine what I can do with them, I can destroy your tower, or even the entire city, and I'd still have some left to keep other nations in check, I have great power, Elektra, don't you ever forget that.

Rhonda blows a kiss to her through the screen before abruptly hanging up the phone.

ELEKTRA: ...Shit...

Rhonda gets up and starts to walk to the door to leave, Renesmeé hears her approaching and quickly and frantically runs away towards to main deck where Ryan and Tiffany are.

RYAN: Where the hell have you been? You look awful.

TIFFANY: She always looks awful.

RENESMEÉ: I was... in the bathroom.

Ryan and Tiffany share annoyed glances before turning around to continue moving the crates.

RENESMEÉ: -helping Ryan and Tiffany to move the crates- So, what's in these anyway?

RYAN: -turning around annoyed- It doesn't matter, Rhonda wants them moved so we're moving them. You don't disobey the Captain.

TIFFANY: -with a sarcastic tone- Well, she can, she's the Captain's precious girlfriend

Tiffany begins to mimic kissing noises before picking up a small crate of Code Gems.

TIFFANY: Why are you even here, you don't do anything anyway, you're useless, why don't you go and roll around in the sand or something.

Renesmeé clenches her fists again and Ryan notices her hands.

RYAN: What are you going to do!?

Renesmeé looks at him, and slowly un-clenches her fists.

RYAN: Yeah, that's what I thought.

Rhonda calls for the crew to join her on the deck, Ryan, and Tiffany drop their crates and head to the deck. Renesmeé also drops her crate, but does it carelessly, causing one of the Code Gems to explode. She pause to look at the crate, and then worriedly leaves to go to the deck to meet Rhonda.

More to be Added...

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