Clique (tentative title) is an animated series about the lives of the people of a city called Biotech. The primary character in the series is a girl called Renesmeé, a girl entangled in the underground gangs of the city all while trying to uncover her own past. Despite Renesmeé being the main protagonist, many episodes are centred around the other characters of Biotech, and even some characters from other Cliques.


The series revolves mainly around Renesmeé Klinken, a young woman in her late teens to early twenties who is caught up in gang scandals around the city of Biotech. Renesmeé is involved with the Cyber Pirates as the girlfriend of their captain, Rhonda Ionic. The Cyber Pirates consist of Renesmeé and Rhonda, as well as Ryan Steele and Tiffany Cogs. With the pirate's greed for money and power, they have formed a strong rivalry with the most powerful group in Biotech, The Motherboard. Renesmeé's co-conspirators Ryan and Tiffany, as well as girlfriend Rhonda, are all verbally abusive towards Renesmeé. Growing tired of their abuse, Renesmeé sets of to untangle their pasts and try and change their ways for the better.



Character Description Voice Actor


Renesmeé Klinken

Renesmeé is a troubled girl with a big heart. She is the girlfriend of Rhonda a manipulated by her. Renesmeé has a hard time standing up for herself and often just does what others tell her, even if they're mean. Olivia Olson.


Rhonda Ionic

Rhonda is the captain of the Cyber Pirates and the abusive, manipulative girlfriend of Renesmeé. Rhonda used to be a nice girl, but her life fell into a downwards spiral when her mother disappeared. Rhonda has a monopoly over the entire underground Biotech industry. Jane Lynch


Tiffany Cogs

Tiffany is Rhonda's accountant, she deals with the money that the Cyber Pirates steal as well as keeping the stolen treasures in check. She is a highly organised person and she sticks to a strict schedule. She hasn't seen her twin brother since they were 15 years old. Lea Salonga


Ryan Steele

Ryan is the brawn of the Cyber Pirates. He came from another district and is still in denial that he misses his district. He feels he owes Rhonda his life for taking him in when he was chased out of Suburbia. Rhys Ernst


Elektra Fyles

Elelktra is the unofficial mayor of Biotech, making all the decisions and having technical control over the city. She reports things the actual mayor and advises him on what he's doing wrong. Taylor Schilling


Geartrude Walters

Geartrude is the cyborg assistant of Elektra, assisting her in making decisions and dealing with shipping and financial issues. Geartrude struggles to remember fully who she used to be and is dealing with a lot of person self-worth issues. Aisha Tyler


Alistair Cogs

Alistair is Elektra's psychologist and advisor. He helps her when the stress of maintaining a city becomes too much for her. He wants to be reunited with his twin sister Tiffany. Steven Yeun


Courtney Hardrive

Courtney acts as Elektra's mechanic. She works in many of Elektra's factories doing maintenance on the machines within the factories. Courtney's interest in machinery and mechanisms can often lead to dangerous and troublesome scenarios. Irene Bedard


Nathan Maynes

N/A Jess Gibbons
Wires N/A N/A


Ulrike Zinc

N/A Julia Chantrey


Danny Singe

N/A Rahul Koli


Agnes Landline

N/A Beyoncé Knowles-Carter


Episode Centre Characters Other Characters Songs


The Code

Renesmeé, Rhonda, Elektra Ryan, Tiffany, Geartrude N/A


To Plan a Heist

Rhonda, Renesmeé, Ryan, Tiffany Elektra, Geartrude, Nathan, Courtney



A Belle to Remeber

Elektra, Geartrude, Courtney Alistair, Nathan Wild & Wicked World


Alive Again

Geartrude, Maude Elektra, Danny N/A


Mr. Pysicallity

Nathan, Courtney Elektra, Geartrude, Alistair Physical


Dynasty and Preparation

Rhonda, Ryan, Tiffany, Renesmeé, Elektra, Geartrude Nathan, Courtney, Alistair N/A


The Charity Ball

Rhonda, Elektra, Renesmeé, Tiffany, Ryan, Alistair Nathan, Courtney, Geartrude Hurricane



Elektra, The Mayor, Rhonda, Tiffany, Renesmeé Alistair, Geartrude, Ryan Skyscraper


Systematic Hirearchey

The Mayor, The Mayor's Gang, Rhonda Ryan, Tiffany, Renesmeé N/A


Blood is Thicker than Water

Rhonda, Elektra N/A Help me Rhonda


  • Originally, the show was going to be a game about different subcultures, Renesmeé was going to be a side character who represented the Cyberpunk subculture, assisting the player character Chyna.
    • Geartrude's sister Maude was also going to appear in the game, her roommate Harriet represented the Goth subculture.
  • The idea to add songs to some episodes occurred when cassadony (tbc) was sketching backgrounds for the Charity Ball scene and the song Hurrican by Panic! At the Disco came on.

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