Clicky (character)
Appearance of Clicky
Full Name Clicky
Gender Male
Species Murmu
Location Decrudo Land
Ability/ies Control temperature
First Appearance Clicky

Clicky is the protagonist of the Clicky video game series created by Amuza. He originates from the evil town of Tiksi even though he has a kind heart. He has heroic qualities, meaning he never really fit in well at Tiksi, which has left him socially awkward because he had no one to talk to. His nemesis is Gonna.


Clicky is a part of the Murmu species. When he was little, he found his blue feathered headpiece which he has never taken off since he found it. He wears a yellow cape, a black shirt, green pants and black shoes. His fur is light brown and has dark brown stripes along his arms.

Game Appearances


Clicky makes his debut appearance in the video game Clicky, named after the character. He is the main protagonist of the game. He searches across Decrudo Land for the Magic Orbs to take him up to Mr. Climate's Haven after it was stolen by Gonna, the game's main atagonist.


  • Clicky is the flagship series for the company, Amuza,
    • This is definite as Amuza's logo is Clicky's headpiece.
  • Since the Clicky series was originally planned to be apart of the Super Mario series, Clicky was originally going to be Mario.

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