Cliché Gamé is a game by Overclocked.


The game is a platforming game. Billy can swing his sword to defeat enemies by pressing WiiU A Button2 and pressing WiiU B Button2 to jump. He can also collect items which use WiiU X Button2 and WiiU Y Button.



Billy is an orphan who lives in a small shack with his girlfriend Belize. Billy learns that a dark version of him named Nega-Billy is attacking the city. Remembering how Nega-Billy killed his parents, Billy and Belize head out to stop Nega-Billy.

Chapter One: Darkness and Light

Billy and Billie find Nega-Billy in the middle of the city, where he announces his plan to rule the world! Billy brandishes his sword of light and justice and attacks his army of Darknoids.

Billie attacks using heart, which causes the Darknoids to explode from happiness. When Billy finally gets up to Nega-Billy they fight before Nega-Billy uses a smoke bomb to disappear. He reappears on a heli-copter that flies over their heads. Billy places a tracking device on it so he can follow it.

Chapter Two: Hills and Valleys

Billy and Billie drive to find Nega-Billy. They are suddenly attacked by Darknoids who are trying to take them off the road. Billie takes the wheel as Billy takes out the Darknoids on the road.

The Darknoids take out the car anyway but Billie is okay. They go over the hills and valleys to find the location of Nega-Billy.

Meanwhile in Nega-Billy's hideout, Nega-Billy tells the Darknoids that Billy must never know about the connection him and Billy have.

Chapter Three: Weak and Strong

Billy and Billie cross a desert where they come across more Darknoids! Man, they just seem to come out of nowhere, huh.

They come across a small desert town where they meet token Mexican guy Poncho. Poncho joins the group and he shoots catcuses at the Darknoids.

Meanwhile at Nega-Billy's lair, he learns that Billy and Billie are getting close. He readies up for the fight.

Chapter Four: Blue and Red

Chapter Five: The Final Battle!



The hero of the story. He attacks using light. His parents were murdered by Nega-Billy.


Billy's girlfriend. She wears pink and attacks with the power of heart!


Nega-Billy is a dark clone of Billy. He uses darkness to attack. He killed Billy's parents and now he wants to take over the world!

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