Full Name Cleverbot
Current Age 16
Gender Female
Location Unknown
Current Status Alive.
Class Robot.
Main Weapon(s) Infinite knowledge

The Cleverbot is an articial Intelligence program designed to "talk" to you if you talk to it.


Also see Cleverbot (BPG) for details on Bomb Productions Games' version of Cleverbot...

In the Fantendoverse, Shroobario & JesseRoo introduced us all to the Cleverbot. It currently lies in Unten's castle as a super computer in Fantendo Forever. Cleverbot makes major appearnces in the Fantendoverse, such as a playable character in some Fantendo Origins games, the first being The Fan Commeth

The non-Fantendoverse version of Clever bot can be found here.


  • Despite helping save the Fantendoverse, Cleverbot has stated hating Fantendo at times.