Clemont is the Gym Leader of Lumoise City and one of Ash's companions

Clemont XY


Clemont is the Gym Leader of Lumo City and, when he originary meets Ash, he battles him after he was kicked out of the Lumiose Gym, with Ash unaware of the fact he is the Gym Leader. He is an avie inventor and has a device called the Airpom Arm in his backpack. He has a little sister named Bonnie (Pokemon). He also appears to not be very physically fit. It was revealed that one of his invetions got hold of his Gym after it went online.


He is a boy with blonde hair, blue eyes and glasses. He wears a blue jump suit with yellow strips on the legs. He also wears black shoes and has a device on is back in which he uses to perform different attacks.

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