Cleftood is a Cleft in Paper Princess Peach.


He lives in Toad Town. He helps Peach and crew by giving them advice. However, Cleftgal, his girlfriend, stopped him, thinking that Peach was her girlfriend. Cleftgal got mad, and attacked Peach and friends. After being defeated, she ran and blocked that gate to the next chapter, and said that Cleftood must prove that he loves her, by impressing her with items. Peach had to stay where she was, to make sure she didnt make out with Cleftood. The player then takes control of Cleftood, and he must go around Toad Town and pick up Loose Change, to afford the Furry Hat. Cleft gal's eyes sparkled up, and kissed Cleftood on the cheek, and brang him to her house. However, the gate was still locked. Peach had to go see Cleftgal. However, while sneaking around, Peach saw that Cleftgal was actualy cheating on Cleftood. Peach warned Cleftood. Cleftgal then said that she had to go to Europe, for her parents aniversary. (Of course this wasnt real.) Cleftood let her go. Peach then sighed, because she couldent get the key. Cleftood then sighed, because his girlfriend dumped him.

Peach sleeps at the Mush inn, and wakes up to see Cleftood hitting the gate with the spikes on his head. Peach asked what he was doing- he was trying to get away from this old town. Theg ate broke, and Peach gained access, while Cleftood ran away into the blue. Peach didnt see him again, until battling Cleftor, who was keeping Cleftood hostage. Peach defeated him, and Cleftood was so happy, that he joined their party.

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