Clean Bikini Bottom!
Developer(s) THQ (In Fandom)
Publisher(s) Nintendo, den
Platform(s) Nintendo
Release Date(s)
1-2 Players
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action
Media Included Nintendo slot and free disc of demonstration

Clean Bikini Bottom! is a SpongeBob game for Nintendo. Like any other SpongeBob game, it features robots or enemies that will try to make you lose lives.


The story starts out with the narrator saying "Welcome to Bikini Bottom...home of the greatest sponge ever". And then shows SpongeBob waking up and get ready for work. Then SpongeBob goes outside and smells the breeze, which didn't smell so good. Then he plugged his nose frowning going to work. Then at the Krusty Krab, the odors so bad it's not giving Mr. Krabs any customers, meaning that SpongeBob has to find out where the garbage and the odor is coming from.

When you do find where the odor is coming from, you will be challenged to defeat the robot and if you win, Patrick, a chubby little sea star, will be unlocked and you would have to collect garbage with Patrick or SpongeBob. Once you collect 100 pieces, you will be able to go to Atlantis.

Atlantis is now a wasteland due to the tragedy of the robots and Lord Royal Highness is now horribly terrified. Then SpongeBob has to defeat all the robots and pick up the collectable trash points and press the big button that can make Atlantis sparkly again. Then you will be able to unlock Squidward.

Lord Royal Highness will then tell you to go to The Krusty Krab and defeat all robots there too and get away all garbage. But the Krusty Krab has been turned into an industrial park with burglars robbing the Krusty Krab. You have to use air freshener power or horrible clarinet playing or karate chop on all of them three times for them to go away. Then Mr. Krabs will award you a feather duster and the Krusty Krab is now automatically clean. Then Sandy will be rewarded.

For your last task, you will be able to clean all houses in Bikini Bottom, if you do, you win the game.



Name Description Ability Unlockable by...
SpongeBob SquarePants He's the star of the game when he is trying to get the Bikini Bottomites happy! Air Freshener, Bubble Attack, Pick-Ups, Super Jump Already Unlocked
Patrick Star He's also a 'star' of the game which has a great smile All SpongeBob's moves except Bubble Attack Finding the odor and garbage making robot
Squidward Tentacles A very grumpy squid. Bad clarinet playing, super-jump, pick-up Cleaning Atlantis
Sandy Cheeks A land squirrel with karate power Pick-ups, karate chop, super-jump Saving the Krusty Krab

Standing Around

When SpongeBob is standing around, he needs to do something and just spins a few times before you get back to the game.