In both Mother 3 and Mother 3.5, the Claymen serve as the workforce of the Pig Army. Claymen are a blend of clay with a metal rod stuck in at the top. When the rod is charged with a powerful shock of electricity, the Clayman will take shape and be filled with energy. After working for a while, they loose energy and sink down slowly until recharged. Claymen aren't only used for building and digging- in Mother 3, Duster was attacked by a Clayman some Pigmasks set on him! After Claymen break down, they take themselves to an adjacent dump truck so that they can melt away in the dump. However, some become "Zombie Claymen" afterwards, such as the "Forlorn Junk Heap" boss in Mother 3. It had the ability to combine itself with other bits of trash and scrap metal to form a horrifying monster.

The Clayman is first encountered as a mini-boss of sorts early in the game, and becomes a regular but tough enemy for a short time afterwards.


  • Uttered a Long, Sad Moan: May cause crying to some targets.
  • Stiffened its Body: Raises its offense and defense.
  • Threw a Punch: Does considerable damage to a target.
  • Did a Bum-Rush: Does considerable damage to a target.
  • Short-Circuited: If shocked, the Clayman will short-circuit, causing it to attack twice in a row, as well as "Go Berserk."
  • Went Berserk: Does considerable damage to multiple targets.
  • Slammed Into a Target: Does focused damage to a single target, although it may miss, resulting in...
  • Fell Flat: The Clayman topples over, missing a turn. Happens 50% of the time when it tries to slam into a target.


Battle Description

The standard Clayman type developed for labor. Has been known to become violent and indefatigable when suddenly abandoned.

Behind the Scenes

Although there was only one type of Clayman in Mother 3, a new variety is introduced later called the Clayman Deluxe, with a blue antenna. Also, various "undead" Clayman varieties are encountered throughout the adventure. These are:

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