Clawdia Koopa is or was Bowser's wife and is the mother of Bowser Jr. and other 7 Koopalings. Clawdia left after Bowser Jr. hatched.

Clawdia Koopa


Clawdia's personality and history is a complete mystery. Only few of the Koopalings remember her slightly. Bowser is the only person who knows Clawdia well, but never talked about her since her disappearance. Mario never met her either. Clawdia was only mentioned in a few games.

In DX Super Mario Bros., Clawdia may have loved science and alchemy, evidenced by the secret laboratory discovered by Bowser and the Koopalings in one of the intro cinematics. The Mario Bros. get to know more and more about Clawdia and the recreation of Jinkesse, as they collect pages of Clawdia's log, that somehow got scattered all over the Mushroom Kingdom.

Game Appearances

Mario: Once

Clawdia briefly appears in this game, and is revealed to be human. It is also revealed that she ran away when Bowser became a monster.

Relationships with Other Characters


It is clear Bowser has always loved her, even after she disappeared. This has been proven by a large portrait of her in Bowser's bedroom, discovered in New Super Mario Bros. Legend of the Shine Sprites.

Jinkesse Koopa

It appears that Clawdia really loved Jinkesse as her child. Therefor, she was really sad that Jinkesse died. In DX Super Mario Bros., Clawdia appeared to own a secret laboratory, where it is revealed she recreated Jinkesse as a cyborg.

Jinkesse has very few memories left about her biological mother, especially after her recreation.

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