Bring it on!
Claw to Zero in The Spike Chronicles: A Grim Fate

Claw The Crow
Full Name Claw The Crow
Current Age 14
Gender Male
Species Crow
Location Wind Valley Zone
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Nunchuks
Ability/ies Flight, homing attack, speed, air boost
First Appearance Spike The Porcupine
Latest Appearance TBA

Claw is a crow who was born and raised in Wind Valley Zone, the same place where Spike The Porcupine was raised. His parents were killed when he was only a little one-year-old. He was found by Spike's parents, who raised Claw for a while, until the couple mysteriously disappeared. By then, Claw was eight-years-old and left to find his destiny. Claw seemed to have forgotten Spike by the time he was 14. However, in Spike Origins, Claw slowly starts to remember Spike after their encounter in the game. They soon became best friends, and appear in almost every game in the series together. When Zero and his army invaded, he joined Spike in combat.


A very sneaky crow, Claw has black feathers and a gray beak. He uses this as an advantage at night. He has a gray belt and buckle to hold his nunchuks. He wears black shoes with cloud designs and wings on either side. Claw wears a purple strap around his shoulder and back for carrying things. He has a black tail like a crow. His arms and hands are connected to his wings. He wears classic white gloves and white socks.



Claw is a mostly silent crow, speaking only when telling battle strategies or even sometimes jokes. Although he can seem very grim at times, he is actually very fun-loving and has a good sense of humor. He will fight hard in a battle, and he never gives up. In his fight with Zero in The Spike Chronicles: A Grim Fate, he puts up a good fight, but still loses. He finds Stella's interest in Spike obnoxious, and often will facepalm after she says something to Spike.

Shadow ClawEdit

Claw's super form is known as Shadow Claw. It is a stronger, better form than normal Claw. He has only changed into his super form four times in the games so far. His color remains the same, just with a more gaseous, shadowy look to it.

Game AppearancesEdit

Claw has appeared in every main series game to date. He is even in every spin-off to date. To put it simply, he has appeared in every single Spike game ever created. He is the only character to have accomplished this other than Spike (of course) and Stella.

Other Game AppearancesEdit

Fantendo Racing Legends: Claw appears as an unlockable by completing 50 races in 3rd place or higher. His kart is called the "Black Ace." Spike also appears, being an unlockable and having Claw as a partner.


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