Claus x Lucina: fandrop edition is a shitty joke game created by the almighty and totally perfect king Crimson.  This amazing game features the titular characters Claus and Lucina in an epic romance adventure.


Twelve years in the future, Claus and Lucina were dating.  They had a french kiss but it was so strong that their lungs gave up from lack of air.  In the hospital, Claus and Lucina both have their lungs replaced with far stronger, golden lungs so they can continue to live.  In a closet, there were twenty to thirty soldiers that craved gold, and they saw both surgeries take place.  After Claus and Lucina left the hospital, the soldiers decided to track them down for the sake of their amazing lungs.

Eventually Claus and Lucina encounter some of these stupid soldiers and bring them down fairly easily.  They escape into Claus' home and Lucina is about to ask if the two can get engaged when the soldiers attack again, this time with Tyranitars and Head3000s.  After a narrow escape, the two run through the Awesome Valley and enter the Great Metropolis.  Claus buys Lucina a bowl of spaghetti to prepare for a cliché spaghetti kiss scene.




Claus' gameplay is based upon protecting Lucina from evil lung obsessed soldiers.  Claus can attack with PK fire, PK thunder, PK freeze, and PK love, each having their own effect on foes.  If Lucina is attacked three times, she dies and Claus fails.  There are fifteen levels reserved for Claus, and a level can be won by having Lucina stay alive for five minutes.

Sometimes Claus can attack open items, which contain Pokémon that can help or hinder Claus.


Lucina's gameplay is moving around in a 3D environment, collecting items and helping Claus get out of a mess.  Should Lucina complete the task for the level, the level is won and the two share a kiss.



Claus is a 24 year old man that is in a relationship with Lucina.  He feels that his duty is to protect Lucina with his life, and to find himself awesome and amazing.


She's 27 years old and is in a relationship with Claus.  Her blade is epic man but it doesn't prove to be strong enough to fend off crazed soldiers.

General Gold

He's obsessed with money and gold.  HOW ORIGINAL FANDRO.


  • Claus
    • Marvelous Road
    • Awesome Valley
    • Great Metropolis
    • Lovely France
    • Fantastic Skyscraper
    • Good Highway
    • Coolio Plains
    • Dazzlin' Desert
    • Epic Pyramid
    • Excellent Volcano
    • Radical Station
    • Decent Fortress
    • Lovable City
    • Sweet Palace
    • Perfect Date
  • Lucina
    • Claus' Mansion
    • Metropolis Outskirts
    • France Gates
    • Bottom of Skyscraper
    • Minor Highway
    • Unnoticeable Town
    • Sandstorm Oasis
    • Pyramid Entrance
    • Magma Chamber
    • Ash Skies
    • Rollin' Train
    • Army Escape
    • Palace Climb
    • Mighty City
    • End Sequence


  • Charizard - Breathes fire on Claus, immobilizing him for five seconds.
  • Gallade - Cuts through enemies with blades, damaging opponents hard.
  • Heracross - Knocks away foes...into Claus.
  • Kangaskhan - Eats heads off soldiers.
  • Goomy - Slimes over enemies, paralyzing them.  Then he snuggles against Claus' left leg, slowing him down.
  • Garchomp - Uses attract on the foes, killing them.