Claus and Random - a Fan-Fiction, is a Fan-fiction made by Ice. Enjoy! (comment for a sequel)

Claus was a shy kid. He never talked much… He always had the biggest crush on Random, the beautiful, frog. Claus would draw pictures of Random every day and he would follow Random home. Theres no doubt about it, Claus LOVED random. But Random was a cool kid, so claus knew he didn’t have a chance with random, so claus cried in his shower when his parents weren’t home. But one day, Claus’ senpai finally noticed him (random), because claus ran into Random (i dont think hes a her). CLaus got all sweaty and said “OH UH SORRY UM I GOTTA GO…. TO THE GYM LUNCH THING BYE”. Random giggled, random thought Claus was cute. So Random followed Claus, and CLaus got even more nervous, since he noticed that Random was following him. Claus was blushing really hard. Random said “Hey cutie” Claus almost died. Claus nervously replied “UH HI”. Then random said “We should hang out sometime”. Claus then said “UH YEAH SURE HANG OUT, SOUNDS FUN.” Random giggled. “Wanna go to the movies sometime?” random said. Claus then said “UH. UH. I DONT KNOW, SURE”. Random then said “Why are you so nervous?” “Because i have a huge crush on you, I’m going to be honest here. I have liked you for the longest time, but I was just to shy to tell you” claus replied. Then Claus stared in Randoms nice beautiful eyes and they kissed, they  both blushed and Claus started sweating and shaking like crazy, but claus liked it, because he finally got to talk to his crush. After that, CLaus and Random lived happily ever after, and ended up having a family together. <3

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