Claus (Pokemon Trainer)
The artwork was made using Pokémon Trainer Creator.
Full Name Claus
Current Age 12
Gender Male
Location TBA
Current Status Alive


Claus is an adventurous but shy trainer who loves exploring. Because of his shyness, he prefers going alone because he tends to be very awkward when around people. He has a kind heart and despises evil in any form.




Currently with him

Image Species Name Moves Used Description
253GrovyleDreamWorld Grovyle Pound, Subsitute, Absorb, Quick Attack, Pursuit, Leaf Blade, Agility Grovyle is Claus's starter Pokémon, which was given to him as a Treecko after saving his father from a team of evil unknown Pokémon Trainers, using only his pet Purrloin. For some reason, he refuses to evolve into a Sceptile.

With his father

Image Species Name Moves Used Description
509Purrloin Purrloin Growl, Assist, Sand Attack, Pursuit, Fake Out, Hone Claws, Purrloin was simply Claus's family pet until he used him to save his father, which resulted in him getting his Treecko. When Claus decided to go on a Pokémon journey, Purrloin wasn't allowed to go, but shortly after Claus left he snuck out of the house and found Claus, which resulted for a huge search for him commencing, although he was eventually found and sent back home.
634Zweilous Zweilous Dragon Breath, Crunch, Dragon Pulse, Work Up While exploring the Cliffside Caves, Claus encountered a Zweilous, and he decided to catch it. He tried battling with it, and it was way too rambunctious and hyper, sometimes not even attacking at all and running around like crazy.