Enemy - Claude
Location Yzulf Snowfields
HP Fight 1: 800 | Fight 2: 1100 | Fight 3: 400
Attack 84
Defence 95
Alignment Bad
Battle Thought "Bobby talks too much..."
We hate snoopers!
Bobby, starting the sentence.

Yeah! Hate 'em!
Claude, always playing back Bobby's words.

Claude is the partner-in-crime and brother of Bobby, and a recurring miniboss in Lucario's Quest. He and Bobby harass and attack everyone who dares to set foot even slightly near their turf, being that they are ruthless bandits.


Claude and Bobby make their first appearance when they discover Lucario and his newly found party member coming out of one of the tents in the bandit camp. The two bandits trash-talk our heroes, until eventually, no matter what dialogue choice is picked, the two attack. Soon, Lucario and his new partner defeat the pair of bandits and they run away, quickly.

In their second appearance in the bandit stronghold, Claude is not only being harassed by his own brother, but he takes notice of Lucario hiding from them, eavesdropping. The two try to run away with one of the keys that unlocks the door leading to their father, Octavius, and Lucario catches them, engaging them in a second fight that the villains lose, dropping the key as they flee.

Their last appearance is right before Lucario battles Octavius, where they rush in to get protection, only to be cruelly sent to protect their father from Lucario. They are defeated, once again, with low HP, and rush out, never to be heard from again.


Claude seems to have some kind of inferiority complex and is constantly being pushed around by his brother, and also, quite literally, hangs on his every word, repeating it back to the protagonist. He is also much stronger and larger than his brother, ironically, though Bobby is more agile and faster.

His speech is limited to only a few words at a time throughout all of his appearances.


Much like Bobby, Claude uses dual knives that he's skilled in using. Being that he's a larger foe, he's slower than his agile brother, but has more HP and does stronger attacks. It is almost always advised to get him out of the way first.


  • He and his brother are named as a pun on "Bonnie and Clyde".
  • His Battle Thought is "Bobby talks too much...", indicating that he actually dislikes repeating him.

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