Clash of the Penguins is a Platformer and the first entry in the Penguin Hero series. It stars a 12-year-old Penguin named Tommy who must recover the Snow Scepter from the evil Rocket Penguin. You hold the Wii Remote sideways for this game.


Tommy the Penguin is taking a walk on a bright and sunny day. Suddenly, the sky darkens and thunder begins to crash. Terrified, Tommy runs home and locks the door. He is just catching his breath when, all of a sudden, a gentle breeze floated into his igloo. It then rose up and turned into a Luma. The Luma warned Tommy that the Snow Scepter, the source of all power in Penguin Kingdom has been stolen by Rocket Penguin, the powerful Cooligan. The Luma then told him that he was destined to rescue the Scepter from him. Tommy insisted that he wasn't meant to do this, but the Luma protested, telling him that he was chosen by the Penguin Elders. Tommy reluctantly agreed and started his journey.

Gameplay & Controls

The gameplay is like New Super Mario Bros. Wii, but it uses all of the controls from Penguin Mario throughout the game. Tommy also has the ability to spin and fly around for a short while in addition to all the powers that Penguin Mario has. Tommy will always have 5 points of health but when he gets hit by an enemy or hazard, he will lose one point of health. Once Tommy loses a point of health, he can't recover it until he completes the level. He can also use some items that he finds in icebergs.

  • D-Pad - Move Tommy, crouch, Belly Slide (while running).
  • 2 Button - Jump.
  • 1 Button - Throw iceballs, hold to run.
  • A Button - Use current item.
  • B Button - Charge-up Penguin Power and release to use Fury Attack.
  • Shake Wii Remote - Shake once to Spin Jump, twice to hover.

Items & Characters

  • Temp. Alter - Freezes all enemies in the area.
  • Belly Wing - Lets you fly as your Belly Sliding.
  • Blubber - Enemies bounce off you.


  • Tommy - Protagonist.
  • Rocket Penguin - Antagonist.
  • Chill Luma - Guide.
  • Chillo - Boss
  • Smack - Boss
  • Gus - Boss
  • Salmon - Boss

Worlds & Bosses

World Name Boss
1 Penguin Kingdom Chillo
2 Twisted Toy Land Smack
3 Windy Village Gus
4 Sandy Beach Salmon
5 Rocket Land Rocket Penguin




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