Clash of the Heroes is a 2013 fighting game that begins the Heroes series. It is developed by Wario Inc. and has a dynamic music system combined with the more original idea of fighting with superheroes. The story revolves around the Staff of Purity, an ancient artifact of mass power. It is more action based then other fighting games.
Clash of the Heroes
Developer(s) Wario Inc.
Publisher(s) Brock Publishing
Platform(s) Nintendo Omega, PS3, Xbox 360
Release Date(s)
North America: July 1, 2013, July 20, 2013(PS3 and Xbox)

Japan: July 6, 2013

Story, Tournament, Battle, Multiplayer(Not counting sub modes)
Age Rating(s)


Genre(s) Fighting
Series Heroes
Successor War of the Heroes
Media Included Disk, Downloadable

Wario Inc.World Description

The future. The diplomatic world has decomposed into a hero and villain warzone. In the last days a grand treasure is put up in a tournament held by Geolord Hazuki. Brawl and adventure as you collect the God Staff and change our world. But is it for the worse or for the better?
The description


The game revolves around 2D fighters fighting in a 3D stage. Characters all have a bar of HP and below it a bar for your Power Gauge. Continuous combos and hits result in Power Points being dropped from opponents. Collect a full bar to do either two special attacks. For heroes, the Justice Fist. For villains and neutral characters, there is the Brutal Beatdown. Besides the super attacks, players can also do special attacks that differ them from one another. Each characters has two special attacks, which use up their heroic/villainous power bars. The primary modes are Story, Brawl, Multiplayer. The last two follow the model mentioned before. Brawl submodes are: Versus CPU: A standard fight against the CPU, Channel Fight!: A show in which you can watch players fight over the internet and then challenge them, Mannakin Mash, a training mode, and Coin Clash, where players collect coins and each player has coins which can be beaten out of them. By the end of the time, whoever has the most coins wins. In Story, the game becomes a 2D Beat em' Up. It doesn't divulge that much, but Stores are added and bosses alongside with Leveling Up, XP, and Sidequests. Leveling up increases your health and attack, as well as allowing you to do new Sidequests which are optional but give you rewards like coins and XP. Multiplayer has all of Brawls modes but with 2-player being an option.


A: Jump

B: Block

X: Kick

Y: Hit

L2 + A: Special 1.

L2 + B: Special 2

L2 + X: Special 3

L2 + Y: Special 4

L2 + L1: Justice Fit/Brutal Beatdown


  • "Mr. Strongg": An african-american superhero. Formerly a cop, Charlie Jargon Rigs lost his family to a gang, leaving him quiet and angry. He mentors the heroes and fights with might. He is very strong but also has many weakpoints.

Special 1: Smash: Strongg smashes his fist into the ground causing a powerful shockwave.

Special 2: Sonic Punch: A short ranged but powerful projectile caused by a powerful punch into the air.

Special 3: Jet Uppercut: Mr. Strongg jets up into the air. Does low damage and is very slow but can start combos.

Special 4: Cyclone Kick: Mr. Strongg powerfully does a roundhouse kick spinning around. Very hard to use and uncontrollable but extremely powerful with extreme knockback.

Justice Fist: Fist of Justice: Strongg punches the enemy into the ground doing incredible damage.

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