Sword is a Normal Skill under the Warrior class' Skill Tree. It involves the use of commonplace blades mounted on a hilt. Most effective when swung, they are one-handed weapons, which can be dual-wielded.

List of Swords

Name Series Power Special Action
Wooden Sword Clash of the Fiction 3 Power Attack
Stone Sword Clash of the Fiction 8 Power Attack
Iron Sword Clash of the Fiction 13 Power Attack
Steel Sword Clash of the Fiction 18 Power Attack
Titanium Sword Clash of the Fiction 23 Power Attack
Katana Clash of the Fiction 25 Speed Slash
Scimitar Clash of the Fiction 30 Spin Slash
Tetris Sword Tetris 11 Power Attack
Master Sword The Legend of Zelda 11 Skyward Strike
Jeweled Sword Wario 12
Mystery Blade Golden Sun 12
Goroh Katana F-Zero 13
Ghost Sword Earthbound 13
Rapier Super Mario 14
Kleever Donkey Kong 14
Scyther Blade Pokémon 15
Alpha Hopper Metroid 15
Energy Sword Halo 16
Beeb Blade Pikmin 16
Chibi Sword Kirby 17 Ultra Sword
Optical Blade Kid Icarus 17
Photon Sword Phantasy Star 18
Caliburn Sonic the Hedgehog 18
Vorpal Sword Tales of Symphonia 19
Keyblade Kingdom Hearts 19

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