There are many locations thorughout Clash of the Fiction, all of which come from series that are represented. Shortly after The Merge, Princess Peach rallied everyone together, and founded The Resistence. The Void was then split into ten Sectors, or Regions, with different leaders ruling over each one.

Alpha Region

This Sector consists of only the Mushroom Kingdom, both Princess Peach and Bowser's segments. Princess Peach rules over it, but Bowser claims rights to it.

Name Description
Toad Town When the Mushroom World broke apart, Toad Town drifted to the center. Taking Peach's Castle with it, it is a very central location and the starting area for new Players.
Peach's Castle At the center of Toad Town, this is the first destination the Player must reach. From here, Princess Peach rules over the Alpha and Beta Sectors.
Wastelands With the shifting of landmasses and constant earthquakes, it is no surprise that a gray, craigy path rose up. It is a straightaway between east Toad Town and Bowser's Castle.
Bowser's Castle At the end of the Wastelands, this gray-bricked castle sits above a massive moat of lava. Bowser rules over his minions from here.

Beta Region

This Sector consists of multiple Mushroom Kingdom territories. also lead by Princess Peach, but Wario and King K. Rool both claim ownership over it.

Name Description
DK Isles A small island in the shape of Donkey Kong's head. The Kongs all reside here, and have needed to defend it on multiple occasions.
Kremlin Naval Fortress A huge, mechanical battleship built into the shape of a Kremlin. It was once used by King K. Rool to take control of the island.
Yoshi's Island An island inhabited by Yoshis, Shy Guys, and a few other species. A lot of fruit is scattered throughout it.
Warioware Inc. A game-making company run by none other than Wario. He has a lot of gimmicks set up for anyone who tries to tresspass.

Gama Region

This Sector consists only of the Hyrule Kingdom. Lead by Princess Zelda, nobody challenges her authority; at least, not yet.

Name Description
Castle Town At the very heart of Hyrule Field lies the largest town in all of Hyrule. Mostly inhabited by Hylians, a few Gorons and Zoras live here as well.
Hyrule Castle Towering over the northern end of Castle Town, this white-and-green brick castle is home to Princess Zelda, and is her base of operations.
Hyrule Field Remaining in tact with few fissures, the entirety of Hyrule Field is explorable. It is the segway from Castle Town to any other location in Hyrule.
Temples Scattered across all of Hyrule are seven different Temples, each with its own Sage. Interestingly, mapping their locations within the Void shapes the Triforce...
Ganon's Tower A huge, dark tower that was somehow rebuilt upon the creation of the Merge. The lack of time and dimensions within the Void is a possible explanation.

Delta Region

This Sector consists of the Solar System of Planet PopStar and Pokearth. The Pokémon League rules over it, while King Dedede disputes this.

Epsilon Region

This Sector is consists of Planet Mobius and Smashville. Lead in conjuction by the Sonic Team and Mayor of Smashville, nobody has disputed this claim.

Zeta Region

This Sector consists mainly of Aselia and. Lead mainly by, the Tethe'allan government claims ownership over the Region.

Eta Region

Theta Region

This Sector mainly consists of the Lylat System, Distant Planet, and Future Earth. It is lead by the Cornerian Military and the Federation, with somewhat of a power struggle between the two.

Iota Region

This Sector consists mainly of Flatzone and. Also lead by Princess Zelda, the Galactic Federation claims rights over the Region.

Kappa Region

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