Emergency Protocalls are a game mechanic from Clash of the Fiction. In order to add to the gaming experience, developers included alterations that occur to the world environment. With three different types- random, daily, weekly- the occurences are basically events that occur no more than once within their set time periods. Something will occur in the world, usually altering a region and allowing access to unique quests. Some are simple, while others are more complex that end in a field boss.


There are five different types of Emergency Protocall, ranging from common to very rare.

  • Randomly- These occur entirely at random, but can only occur at a flat 30-minute interval.
  • Daily- These events have no set time to occur, but can only occur once a day; it is forced each day.
  • Weekly- These events have no set time or day; they occur only once a week.



  • Village Raid- A group of pirates will invade a town or village, and players will be requested to aid by the residents; upon defeating a certain number, they will retreat.


  • Airship Invasion- Airships, led by Shadow Bowser and Shadow Bowser Jr., will attack a set region; after taking down a set amount of ships, the lead ship will descend, and all players will be requested to board to fight the duo.
  • Space Pirate Raid- Shadow Ridley will lead an onslaught of Shadow Space Pirates against a set region, randomly selected each time. Players will be requested, by Samus, to help her defeat them all.


  • Succumbing to Twilight- A set region of the map will be attacked by Shadow Zant, causing it to fall into Twilight. After completing Link's Twilit Chainmail Quest, players will be able to safely enter the Twilight; after a set number of Shadow Insects are defeated, the Twilit Bloat will appear in a central area of the region, and very rarely, Shadow Zant will fight by her side.

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