Bipedal is a Normal Skill under the Necromancer class' Skill Tree. It involves summoning creatures that stand upright and walk on only two legs.

List of Bipedal Summons

Name Series Power
Filthy Beggar Clash of the Fiction
Petty Thief Clash of the Fiction
City Guard Clash of the Fiction
Burly Caveman Clash of the Fiction
Angry Ogre Clash of the Fiction
Wizard Clash of the Fiction
Gorilla Clash of the Fiction
Hammer Bro Super Mario
Shy Guy Yoshi
Kremlin Donkey Kong
Moblin The Legend of Zelda
Sword Knight Kirby
Mewtwo Pokémon
Gatling Groink Pikmin
Space Pirate Metroid
Dimenian Phantasy Star
Teensy Rayman
Shadow Kingdom Hearts
  • + denotes that its power increases by 1 with each Level past Bipedal Level 10

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