Clash of the Classes
Developer(s) Poisonshot
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) 3DS
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Umbrella
Media Included Game
Clash of the Classes is an umbrella game made by Poisonshot. It is set to focus mainly on customization and less on characters. It is also known that there will be amiibo compability.


One of the unique features of the game is classes. Class determinates a character's weapons. Up to three weapons can be equipped at a time as well as a fighter's signature weapon.

List of Classes

Class Name Description Weapon List
Knight Knights are experts with swords, through some of them may use daggers, katanas, ect. They are tough to beat due to thier usual high defense and attack. It may even pull a shield to shield ranged moves at times. However, they are devastated by magic-related attacks most of the time. Most classes can also outrun them in some way.

Basic Sword

Normal Shield

Stealth Dagger

Sharp Katana


Brawler Brawlers are balanced, melee fighters. They are usually masters in martial arts, and know many different punches, kicks and spins. They have almost no flaw, the only one flaw beign that they do not have anything really good for them either. It is usually considered a good class for new players.

Boxing Gloves

Sharp Knuckles

Dash Gauntlets

Protection Cestus

Uppercut Gloves

Whacker Whackers are basically the tankiest fighter around. They usually have absurdly high attack and defense, but low speed. Thier axes or hammers can serve as both an fighting and a defense tool. Unlike most classes, they can only use two weapon, not counting the signature weapon.

Simple Hammer

Iron Axe

Light Maul


Golden Hatchet

Gunner Gunners are very technical fighters. They use weaponry like cannons, and especially, guns.  Thier weapons may vary from beign very slow, but strong to rather weak, but fast. Choose this class if you want to be unpredictable.

Epik Gun

Heavy Cannon

Machine Gun

Tank Turret

Omega Pistol

Mage Mages are slow fighters, but with very high damage potential. They can use a variety of spells to devastate thier foes, whether it's poisoning them, slowing them down or outright doing high damage to them. Their main weakness is close-range fighting.

Ice Staff

Venomous Tome

Explosion Wand

Forcefield Staff

Warping Tome

Archer Archers are the speediest characters. They are very hard to hit, but they have very weak defense. They are the only hybrid class, beign able to use both Melee and Ranged weapons, whether it's Bows or Whips.

Wooden Bow


Stone Whip

Steel Boomerang

Diamond Lance


There is currently few characters confirmed, but there will be a lot more later on. Most characters have some kind of quirk that differenciates them from other characters.

Character Description Class

Bowser Jr MP9 3

Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr. is the son of the evil koopa king, Bowser. Don't be foolen by his look, he can pack a punch. He is more of a defensive character. However, if his head or his arms are hit, he will suffer 1.5x the damage he would normally recieve.


Exclusive Weapon: Koopa Cannon

Ice Climbers Shin R

Ice Climbers

The Ice Climbers are from the classic NES game Ice Climbers. The one in blue is Popo, and the one in pink in Nana. Their stats are halved from a normal Whacker, but the duo makes up for it by beign a dual fighter.


Exclusive Weapon: Ice Breaker

Dr. Mario SSB4

Dr. Mario

What? This clown is in instead of normal Mario? And he's a Brawler? Oh well, who cares...Unlike most characters of his class, he has access to a projectile, the Megavitamin. Otherwise, he is the very definition of a balanced character. He is good for new players.


Exclusive Weapon: Megavitamin

Robin Female SSB4


Robin is the avatar character in Fire Emblem Awakening. You can customize it and change it's gender to whatever gender you want it to be. Here, she is female. She has access to a sword, the Levin Sword. This allows her to overcome one of the few flaws of the Mage class.


Exclusive Weapon: Levin Sword

Toon link

Toon Link

Toon Link is, like most rangers, a very fast character. It can use the Hero Shield to shield itself from attacks, through. Even then, it is best to avoid attack, and to only use the shield for emergency case.


Exclusive Weapon: Hero Shield

681Aegislash Shield Forme Dream


Aegislash is one of the many Pokemons in the Pokémon series. It is special as it can switch between the Shield and the Assault form for different purposes. The shield form allows him to be very resistant to attack at the cost of having very weak attack and vice versa for the sword form.


Exclusive Weapon: X Attack