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Clash of Radiance is a first-person shooter developed by Pixelburst Gaming for PC and The V². It is a team- and class-based shooter, heavily inspired (too heavily in some cases, to the creator's chagrin...) by titles such as Valve's Team Fortress 2 and Blizzard's Overwatch, where players are divided into two opposing factions and battle to achieve specific goals using a multitude of characters, each with their own special abilities.




All abilities save for melee attacks cost SP, which slowly regenerates over time. When a character fully exhausts their SP reserves, they replenish faster, but cannot use any abilities that cost SP until they regain all of their SP. Though each character has 100 SP each, different characters have different maximum amounts of health and different offensive options.

The game is split into multiple modes, with each one having different goals. Players must select a character to use and either defend or secure an objective, depending on the mission.


Name Description Abilities
HP: 140

An adrenaline junkie who lives life the one way he knows how: in near-constant mortal peril.
Squall Boost
HP: 100

A hyperactive ninja of the legendary Wakahisa clan. Has a soft spot for fuzzy animals and bright colors.
Trailing Kunai
Grappling Hook


Name Description
Sparkle Lake
Rimblade Release
A battlefield at a ruined city built at the center of a lake with crystal-clear water. A fairly basic map, littered with old ruins at the shore and in the lake which double as cover from gunfire and platforms, and with the Rimblade positioned in a tower at the center of the lake. Each team spawns at a different shore of the lake.


Name Usage
Welcome to the War Main Menu
To Battle! Server menu
Black Market Weapon Shop menu
The Most Hip Heroes Around Costume Shop menu
Rise to Radiance Sparkle Lake theme
To The Last Breath During the last minute of a round
Favorable Outcome Results screen - Victory!
End Without Honor Results screen - Defeat!

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