Ha ha ho ho ha ha!! You may beat me this time, but that's no suffisant! Once I beaten you out, you will me mine!
Clarx, Super Sam Squad

Clarx, making an evil smile.
Current Age Ageless
Gender Male
Location N/A
Current Status Alive
Class Evil, Mastermind
Leader of Clone Trooper, Top Secret Agent of Infecteriors Army. (Temporary)
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) None
Ability/ies Clarx Ultra transformation, Clone Trooper creations, improved Marx's Power. (He is obviously a Clone of Marx!)
Vulnerable To None (He is that powerful)
Clone Master Clarx, Clonarx, Clone Creature #00.
First Appearance Super Sam Squad
Latest Appearance Fantendo - Pokémon-Formation

Clarx is the main antagonist and is also known as Clonarx. He uses his true form which resembles Marx at all parts but color. He is clearly more powerful then when he use the Clone King Forme. His goal is to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom then the Universe because he is ridiculed too much during the experience of the laboratory. The reason why he will conquer the Mushroom Kingdom first is because he must get rid of Mario and Friends, use to use Peach's energy to expend his army, and get rid of the Koopa Troop. However, he is prevented by Sam The Koopa/Fire John. He may be defeated but not destroyed.

Game appearances

Super Sam Squad

It is the first time we see him. He needs 10 hits before being defeated, but he can take stomped twice or rarely thrice in a row. His attacks is the same as Marx's but in a random order and faster then ususal.

Fantendo: Infected

Clarx, along with Oldton, work together for Textreme. He, despite not a leader, is the Final Boss of this game. His attack pattern is the same but once defeated, he transform into a stronger, and a more terrifying form, Clarx Ultra.

Fantendo: Pokémon-Formation.

He is confirmed and transformed into a Mewtwo. He is not a Final Boss, unlike in Fantendo: Infected.

Super Sam Squad 2: Mas Crisis

He appears once again as the 7th Castle Boss. He tried to absorb Peach's energy again but ended up to fail as Mario rescue her.


  • He is considered the hardest boss of Super Sam Squad does to his amount of hitpoints and that he uses his power at random order.