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Genre(s) Puzzle/Action-Adventure

Clairvoyance is game made by Drebbles (tbc) that stars the mysterious psychic teen, Clair Voyant.


Mysti-Clair E. Voyant was struck with a "curse" that destorys the inside of her body in one month from a strange tome. The tome that gave her the curse actually broke into seven dark, ghastly entities that holds a blue shard inside each of them. They all run off to different areas and now she is sickly sitting in her bed. Her daughter, Clair decided to retrieve the blue shards from the entities as they were the only way to destory the "body-eating" curse. She has a long way to go, but it's up to Clair to retrieve the shards and put an end to her mother's curse.


Clairvoyance has you moving the main protagonist, Clair, through a stage filled with enemies and obstacles, especially hidden obstacles that are especially needed to reach the end of the level. Clair has clairvoyance, thus her name, which can actually help her find the hidden objects and uncover them. 

Clair has a mechanic that actually assists her throughout some of the stages. A chibi version of Clair can come to her aid. She can guide Clair through certain levels that involves teamwork, mostly inspired by the remote-controlled robot from Kirby: Planet Robobot. Chibi Clair can also help reach for things that Clair can't, like collectibles that are in small places. 

Clair also has a health bar; she'll start off with 50 HP. You can increase her HP by battling enemies, when you beat them, you'll get LVH (Level Up Health). There will be times where you can destroy enemies on the spot by stealthy dropping the objects on top of them.

Battle SystemEdit

When you get into a battle with an enemy, the battling is kinda similar to the Mario & Luigi battle system, but you have a meter at the side that works a bit similar to Final Fantasy VII's Limit Break. You either attack an enemy or get hit to raise your meter. The meter has three sections: Strong, Powerful, and Special. When you reach Special, the attack you use will triple the damage and gives a higher chance of gaining more LVH.


Clair has a variety of moves to choose from when in battle. Bold means these moves can be learned.

  • Levitate Drop - Levivates the enemies off the ground, then slams them towards the ground.
  • Shield - Form a barrier that last only one turn.
  • Deafness - Turn off the hearing aids to prevent flinching from harmful noises.
  • Apport - Teleport over the enemy's head and stomp them.

Duo AttacksEdit

Summon Clair's Sixth Sense in battle, though the only concequence is that Clair will become a bit weaker, but her Sixth Sense holds a good amount of psychical strength. She has the same moves as Clair, but stronger. Although they can team up and do various special attacks.

  • Grab n' Attack - Depending on who uses it, that person will attack while the other holds the enemy via telekinsis.

Voyance CardsEdit

Voyance Cards - You get a prediction of yourself or the enemy. Clair will randomly draw out a card and it will affect whoever is being predicted. The prediction will happen after one turn is over. (For fairness, there will be two decks; one that affects Clair and one that affects the enemies.)

Clair's CardsEdit
  • Physical Strength - Clair will become stronger during the battle.
  • Healing - Clair will be healed from everything.
  • LVH Boost - At the end of the battle, the LVH will be doubled.
  • Extra Attack - You get another chance of attacking in one turn.
Ememy CardsEdit
  • Burning Whirlwind
  • Freezing Winds
  • Thunder Storm
  • Falling Boulder
  • Hailstorm

Main CharactersEdit

Name Description
Clair E. Voyant Clair is a mysterious teenager that has psychic powers that originated from her mother, Mysti-Clair, who is also a psychic. She isn't the wisest, but she has common sense. Clair also dons hearing aids since she was born deaf; they even somehow help with her telepathy skills. If she doens't have them, she can't hear anything and her telepathic powers won't work very well since she's still trying to work them properly. 
Chibi Clair Well she's kinda a character, so it counts. Chibi Clair is actually Clair's Sixth Sense, meaning she is the clairvoyant eyes and sometimes her strength of psychic. When leaving Clair's head, she takes the appearance of a chibi version of her. She also acts and talks like Clair, but she has more wisdom. Like her mom, she's likely the most important thing to Clair.
Mysti-Clair E. Voyant Mysti is the mother of the main protagonist, Clair. She is considered to be a chill mom, but is always cautious when she or the daughter takes action. In the plot, she has been brought a curse upon herself after accidentally opening a forbidden tome, and now she has became sick and can barely do anything, besides having her Sixth Sense leaving her head.

Mini-Games OnlyEdit

After you beat the Story Mode, you unlock Mini-Game Mode. Clair is playable obviously, but three new characters will also be unlocked, who is actually Clair's cousins. They actually share the name, "Clair" but have different last names. They would prefer to call each other by middle name.

Name Description
Clair L. Audient  This Clair's middle name is Levi; it's not "lee-vi", it's pronounced "le-vee". Her power is, of course, clairaudience; she can hear what others can't. She is very blind, so she doesn't go anywhere with her glasses.
Clair C. Sentient This Clair is has clairsentience, feel emotion and physical sensations from others. In other words, she has a mixed bag of emotions. She would feel empathy towards others at times. Her middle name is Crystal. No not this Krystal.
Clair P. Cognizant The oldest cousin at age 19, she holds claircognizance. She is able to know things without logic or reasons. Guess they ca all her the smartest of the group. Psike is her middle name.


Name Description HP
Spitebug A big ladybug-like creature that flies around annoyingly. 15
Spoopster They are just ordinary ghosts with psychic abilities. 25


When you reach a boss, he/she will give you two choices of doing battles: Easy Way or Hard Way. Easy Way is activity like a mini-game with the Boss, the Hard Way is straight up battling them; either way you can gain HP points once they are defeated. From a forbidden tome, these creatures have put a terrible misfortune on Clair's mother, but luckily they hold the cure to reverse the curse. 

Name Description HP Easy Way Challenge

Charla is described as a cheater. As a mortal, she can never win anything. It drove her to the point of cheating through things, even through real life situations. 

234 If you take the Easy Way, Charla will challenge you to a footrace; but of course she'll try and cheat. How to defeat her? Well fight fire with fire; in other words, you must cheat... or you can play fair. It's up to you.
Eva Eva is a real sneaky one. She's able to leave and steal things without getting caught. Eva calls herself the  450 Eva will challenge you to a game of Freeze Tag. You'll get a flashlight since you're in a dark forest. Use quick reflexes to shine your flashlight at Eva. 
Phoniel This guy lies a lot; Phoniel can never tell the truth since he is afraid of the concenquences that might happen if he did. 589 Phoniel will challenge you to a True or False. When you answer, he will possibly lie and say that it's the wrong answer. Since Clair, now, has the ability to read minds, you can tell if he's lying about the the answer or not; when he lies and you want to stick to your answer, say the answer again and he'll break.
Antic Antic used to be a comedian, but then his jokes gotten very old to the point where they are just predicible. He doesn't believe that his jokes are getting dry. 620 Antic will test you to see if his jokes are predictible by answers to jokes for him.
Duncan Duncan isn't the smartest person; in fact, he lacks some knowledge. He dropped out of high school for an interest of fighting. Since then, he knows the moves, but he hasn't regrets his decision.  500 N/A
Trixie Trixie alway had a knack for pulling pranks, but it gets to a point where it puts others in a hospital. She just really live through pranks. 753
Thrill As a mortal, his parents were superly overprotective. He could never hang with his friends or do anything by himself. Now he is free and is doing many dangerous stunts that involves hurting others. 999


The setting takes place in Afalino, Clair's hometown. There are 7 areas in Afalino that Clair can explore below:

Name  Description
Afalino Stadium The first boss is located in the Afalino Stadium. There are many stadiums actually, ranging from swimming to basketball to even Track & Field. 
Berry Forest Afalino is known for their ripe berries that grows from this forest. It'salso a popular place to camp out.

Quarrying Canyon

Many people mine for diamonds and other things in this canyon. There are times where they take a decent amount of time away so you can explore the caves they made.
Carnival of Convival ???
Canal Beach Canal Beach is just what you expect it to be. It has two canals; one that people can cross over for fun and another for boats that transports goods.
Afalino Park ???
Town The final boss is located in the town. It's isn't too big, but it's pretty peaceful... untless the boss tries to cause trouble.


Shops are all around and they are selling things like hotcakes. Actually hotcakes are one of the items here aren't they? Clair can buy from a clothes shop, food store, and pharmacy to help survive during her journey. Malls are all three shops combined; they are rare, so keep a look out.

The WardrobeEdit

Want to venture out in style? The Wardrobe has just the clothes for you. (Note: Clair likes overalls and hoodies so...)

Lotta FoodEdit

This restaurant is very popular among the areas; from chicken noodle soup to homemade pizza, Lotta's got the goods. She also makes great confection, don't forget to try her homemade cotton candy, it is delicious. We can't have everything on the menu, but we can go through Clair's favorites.

Food  HP Restored
Chicken Noodle Soup   Random gives you amount of HP restored.
Cream of Potato 20 HP
Berry Pie 30 HP
Cheese Pizza 50 HP
Cotton Candy 125 HP
Brownies 5 HP
Apple Pie 15 HP

Pharmacy Edit

This is an important store. It just is...

Medicenes Description
Vitamin Jellybeans Restores half of your health
De-Toxic Immune to Poison
Shock Repellent Cures Paralyis 
De-Paralyze Immune to Paralyis
Vitamin Shake  Restores all HP


  • Card House Building! - It's a race between others to carefully build a house of cards via telekinesis.
  • Push! - The goal of the game is to push a huge ball towards your goal, but prevent other from taking the ball to take to their goal.
  • Find Me! - Find your partner with the same colored sign through different mazes; you can switch mazes by using teleportation.
  • Balloon Catchers! - Fly out into the sky via levitation, you can bump into the opponents to make them lose balloons. Collect the most balloons to win. 
  • HP Card Battle! - The players each have a Heart Card that has a stat of 20 HP. In the middle of the table are a row of numbered cards that are turned over; some of them can be a HP Refill Card which can replenish your HP Card with the amount of HP that the card says. When it's your go, you must choose a card to turn over; turn over a card and whatever the number the card has, it will make your opponent's HP Card decrease that amount of HP. The game is over when either the time is up or when someone's HP Card has no HP left. 


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