I'm pretty sure that the deities down there want nothing to do with us. [folds his arms] I don't see them having time in their schedule to take down this son of a bi-
Clair: -lliard table.
Pierce: Let me swear, damn it!
Pierce Hazel and Clair Voyell, Shadows of Mallory, Chapter 14: The Fandraxonian Eschaton
Clair Voyell
Clair Voyant (a bit redesigned)
Full Name Clair Voyell Esprit
Current Age 20
Date of Birth July 23rd
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Telekinesis



Mind Reading

Ethnicity White
Height 5'7"
Weight 110 lbs
First Appearance Clairvoyance
Clair Voyell Esprit is mysterious girl who appears in Clairvoyance. She lives in an apartment which is connected to a shop that her mother runs in Alafino located on Zaxinian Lifts. She along with her mother and siblings live in a house. Voyell currently works with her mother and Audri at her shop, most likely a backup for her Fortune Teller booth whenever she has errands to run.




Clair has to save her mother from a "body-eating" curse casted by entities from a tome. She and her Sixth Sense must go through obstacles and puzzles to defeat each entity before it's too late.

Stampede Breakfast 2

Though Clair is not physically present in Stampede Breakfast 2, Petey Piranha does have an alternate costume based on her. He wears her bonnet and her dress.


Physical Description

Clair Voyell is a 5'7" teenage girl who wears white overalls with a tied-up belt that is light blue. A light blue hoodie is underneath her overalls; If she takes off the hoodie, she will be found wearing a black shirt underneath it. Her black hair is fairly long and tied up into a ponytail, and wears rather expensive black shoes. Clair also wears a hearing aid since she's deaf.

When working, she dons a purple and bluish dress with a purple bandana. This attire is by far her most worn by her.


Clair has psychic powers, and can move objects around at will, and have minor control over others' minds, as well as be able to read the minds of others. Judging by her name, she also has the ability to see what others can't; she will make them viewable when she has the chance.


Clair appears to be quite serious, but also happens to be sneaky and playful at times. She is not one to hesitate, no matter the situation.

Relationship with Other Characters


Clair is one of Mysti's daughter. They a lot and Mysti tries to understand her daughter in the best way possible. Clair considers her to be a "cool mom". She'll be protective against Clair in situations and will do anything to keep her child safe.

Clair Audri

Voyell and Audri share a good chemistry. However Audri is the source of Voyell's phonophobia (the fear of loud sounds) when she accidentally crunk her stereo too loud which caused Voyell to throw off her hearing aids and started to have heavy breathing. They're both on good terms afterwards, but decided to never go near the stereo for Voyell's sake.

Clair Setsi

Voyell is always light on Setsi as she barely talks and is very shy. Out of the whole group, Voyell finds Setsi the cutest, which make her either refuse that statement or cover her face with her scarf to hide the blush. They form a nicebond compared to the other sisters.

Clair Zinico

Zinico finds Voyell a lot more spirited than her, but she has more positivity. While she is super intelligent, Voyell sometimes listens out to her and is either motivated or just straight up bored by her words. Even Zinico gets bored of herself at times.

Pierce Hazel

Clair Voyell is in fact dating this weird man. She sees Pierce as "one of those people that needs company" and she is willing to make him feel more positive. She has her ear out for him and finds Pierce's hobbies "interesting". Despite that, Clair and Pierce are pretty comfortable around each other and are totally "in sync" with one another, most of the time.



  • Clair is deaf, so she has hearing aids to help her hearing; She can turn it off at anytime of her liking. She can still talk, but her ears can't hear.
  • Clair has a huge obsession for cotton candy.

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