Clair Setsi
Full Name Clair Setsi Esprit
Current Age 17
Date of Birth July 23rd
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Mysti-Clair (mother)

Clair Voyell (twin sister) Clair Audri (sister) Clair Zinico (sister)

Ability/ies Telekinesis



Mind Reading

Ethnicity White
Height 5'10"
Weight 108 lbs
First Appearance Clairvoyance
Clair Setsi Esprit is a psychic user who possess clairsentience. She appears in Clairvoyance as a minor character.




She only appears as a playable character in Mini-Game Mode.


Physical Description

Clair is a 5'10" teenage girl who wears a blue jacket, black overalls with a pink scarf belt that ties into a bow tie, and a striped scarf with the color of two different blues around her neck; a pink shirt is worn underneath the overalls. She has light brown eyes and long blonde hair tied to a poytail at the end with a light blue band. Clair has two pairs of grey boots: knee-high and mid-calf. You can also see that she usually has a straight face and doesn't express much.

For changing clothes, she'll wear a pink sweater and black pants with the same scarf belt.


Like Voyell and her other sisters, she has psychic powers and can move objects around at will, and have minor control over others' minds, as well as be able to read the minds of others. Clair holds clairsentience, a power that lets her feel other people's emotions and physica sensations. Guess she has a lot of empathy towards others.

Her "Sixth Sense", whose appearance is a chibi version of Clair S. accompanies her. The Chibi Clair holds a lot the psychic strength when in Clair's head; when out of her head, Clair will be less powerful. The chibi is Clair's clairsentience "source".


Clair is very gentle; she's the kindest person that you will meet. She has some sensitivity such as: she'll only listens to music when it's not on high volume, not eat anything too hot or cold, or hates being touched unless it's not giving her pain. She can be a mixed bag of emotions, but that's mostly because of her clairsentience.

Relationship with Other Characters

Clair Voyell Esprit

Setsi appreciates that Voyell is more lighten to her. She get annoyed that her sisters call her adorable, especially at Voyell. Regardless, she likes Voyell's company.

Clair Audri Psichi

Audri and Setsi has a love for music, which is something they really enjoy doing together. Setsi might not sing, but Audri is fine going solo. She admires Audri's bravery and wishes to be as brave as her. Though, Audri can be annyoing to her when misusing her powers to mess with emotions.

Clair Zinico Psichi

Zinico gets a tad annoyed that Setsi doesn't speak that often as she really likes her voice. They still get along quite nicley and maybe Setsi would speak for once whenever she's ready.

Pierce Hazel

While Setsi doesn't have an opinion on Pierce, she will remain helpful to him in any way possible. Like her sisters, she does find him "adorable".



  • The design of Sentient is first made by FlamingoPhoenixFeathers (tbc) for a contest that Drebbles (tbc) has decided to start.
  • Clair has a fondness for ice cream.
  • Clair original name was "Clair Crystal Sentient" but has recently been changed to "Clair Setsi Esprit" because the creator wanted to use a better name for her.