Clair Audient
Full Name Clair Levi Audeint
Current Age 18
Date of Birth September 15th
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Telekinesis



Mind Reading

Ethnicity African-American
Height 5'8"
Weight 120 lbs
First Appearance Clairvoyance
 Clair Audient is a psychic user who possess clairaudience. She appears in Clairvoyance as a minor character.




She only appears as a playable character in Mini-Game Mode.


Physical Description

Clair is a 5'8" teenage girl who wears white overalls with a tied-up belt that is yellow. A yellow hoodie is underneath her overalls. Her black hair is short and wears fancy red shoes. Clair also wears circular glasses since she is really blind.

For changing clothes in the hot sun, she has a yellow crop top with blue shorts held by the same yellow, tied-up belt.


Like Voyant and her other cousins, she has psychic powers and can move objects around at will, and have minor control over others' minds, as well as be able to read the minds of others. Clair holds clairaudience, so she can only hear what a normal person cannot, especially from the spirit world.

Her "Sixth Sense", whose appearance is a chibi version of Clair A. accompanies her. The Chibi Clair holds a lot the psychic strength when in Clair's head; when out of her head, Clair will be less powerful. The chibi is the "clairaudient" ears to Clair.


Audient likes to be creative sometimes when it's helping out friends on a project or making her own music. Though the music part, she really doesn't know much about creating or writing music; she's teaching herself how to as of now, but she is a great singer. She has a lot of courage as she isn't afraid of anything; she's the bravest out of her cousins.

Relationship with Other Characters

Clair Espre Voyant

She and Clair stick together like a duo as they have a nice sisterly bond. Levi also cares about Espre's sake for her fear of loud sounds, so she keeps her music playing on her phone and wear earbuds. Although, she will push the limit to loudness to see how much Espre can handle; so far Espre can handle hearing instruments in the same room. Also together they're a great duet.

Clair Crystal Sentient

Levi finds Crystal adorable for her personality and her clothing style. She enjoys messing with her powers as she thinks of something sad which makes Crystal sad and more; it'll get annoying to Crystal, but she enjoys her company. Levi thinks she has the best taste in music as she listens to pop and jazz. She'll even listen to rhythm and blues even once in a while. Crystal also looks up to her as she is the bravest out of her group.

Clair Psike Cognizant

Levi can get very bored with her words sometimes, but at the very least they can always agree on stuff and enjoy music together. They can certainly work together to get things done at a faster rate. What Levi really likes about Psike is her positivity, which sometimes never fails on her. She would also depend on Psike for knowledge since she isn't much of a book person.

Pierce Hazel

Like Espre, she's willing to help him feel more postive. She also finds Pierce "adorable" in terms of his nervousness and shyness.



  • Clair's favorite food is pretzels.
  • Clair has excellent hearing when not using her clairaudience.
  • The design of Audient is first made by Pyrostar (tbc) for a contest that Drebbles (tbc) has decided to start.

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